Today RES Software changed the version numbering of RES PowerFuse.

The version numbers are changed because RES Software will release from now on also UpdatePacks to fix issues in RES PowerFuse. In the past this was done by standalone executables that where delivered to customers.

The UpdatePacks will not be general available. If you have an issues and in the Knowledge base on the RES customer Portal ( is stated that there is a fix available you can request the UpdatePack at RES Support (

RES PowerFuse version explained:RES PowerFuse
8 -> RES PowerFuse Version
0 -> Major Release
3 -> Service Release level
1 -> Revision level

RES PowerFuse Version -> MSI, PowerPack,Auto_PowerPack and LanguagePack
Major Release -> MSI, PowerPack,Auto_PowerPack and LanguagePack
Servcice Release level -> MSI, PowerPack,Auto_PowerPack and LanguagePack
Revision level > UpdatePack,Auto_UpdatePack

An UpdatePack will increase the Revision Level of the RES PowerFuse version.

Q Can an UpdatePack be applied on every version of RES PowerFuse
A No, An UpdatePack can only be applied on a specific Service Release level
Example RES PowerFuse is released. then Updatepack can not be applied on top of this Release

Q Can a customer accidentally Update his RES PowerFuse environment with a wrong UpdatePack
A No, An Update Pack will actively check if the correct RES PowerFuse Service Level is running

Q Where can I find the full version number of RES PowerFuse?
A The Full version number of RES PowerFuse can be found on:

  • Splash Screen
  • About Screen
  • RES PowerFuse Agent list

Q Can a customer downgrade after an Update Pack?
A Yes, When a customers has updated his environment with a Update Pack he always can use a PowerPack to downgrade to the latest Service Level

Q Are there Release Notes available for the UpdatePacks?
A Yes, When a UpdatePack is installed a .txt file with the release note is placed in the RES PowerFuse program folder

Q Does a new UpdatePAck contains all fixes of previous UpdatePacks?
A Yes, An Update Pack will contains all fixes of previous UpdatePacks within the same Service Level