Today a customer asked me what the question mark behind a condition in the job results meant…

The what, behind the who, where?!?!
The customer used a condition on tasks in a module to evaluate whether or not an agent had already run the task or not. He had put a condition on the first job to skip the remainder of tasks when this condition was false. He then looked at the job results and found some tasks were skipped on some agents. The condition in these tasks showed a question mark where normally there would be a green check mark or a red cross to show whether the condition was met or not.
To be honest, I didn’t know either. I asked one of the lead developers and he answered: “The what, behind the who, where?!?!”.. No, no, just kidding :-)
He said it meant the task with this condition was skipped due to an error in the module or for some other reason. So I built a module to create this question mark.
I added two tasks to a module, both with a condition. The first condition needs to fail and the task needs to skip the remaining tasks.
So when I ran the module, the first task condition was false and the second task was skipped. In job results the condition of the first task looked like this:

So the result in the second task looked like this:


The question mark shows that the condition was never evaluated because the task was skipped. So there we have it ;-)