In honor of the launch of Automation Manager 2011, including Service Orchestration, we will be rolling out a mini blog series surrounding the Top 5 Benefits of Automation Manager 2011.

Previously known as RES Wisdom, the development of RES Automation Manager 2011 began two years ago. Today, Automation Manager features three different modules:

• Task Automation
• Resource Provisioning
• Service Orchestration

RES has made updates to Automation Manager 2011 in the following areas:

• IT as a Service
• Scalability
• Integration and Compatibility
• Security

We encourage you to leave comments and opinions as each new post goes up.  Look out for our first post on Tuesday, where we will talk about how Automation Manager helps IT initiate tasks in different environments, including test environments. 

In the meantime, check out this previous post about the power of run books. Don’t forget, a 60-Day Free Trial Version of Automation Manager is available for download now.