This is post three in a series covering the top benefits of the newly launched RES Automation Manager 2011

Provision Tasks on Different Devices

Simplifying and automating IT are the key drivers behind RES Automation Manager 2011.  As described in the previous blog post, it is all about the automation of manual tasks. The Resource Provisioning function of RES Automation Manager allows IT professionals to coordinate tasks just the way they want, while run books allow you to dictate a specific order in which these tasks are executed. Everything happens the way you want it to, in the order you want it to.

In addition to this, a large set of pre-defined tasks can perform resource provisioning such as user account creation, mailbox creation and software distribution. Because provisioning tasks are rarely performed on a single computer, run books allow IT professionals to schedule jobs or modules on different computers. For example a single run book can create a user account on an Active Directory domain controller followed by the creation of a mailbox on the mail server. These are all jobs that normally require tedious manual tasks.

Altogether, it is all about rethinking all tasks in IT management. RES Automation Manager not only automates manual tasks, but also avoids human errors which normally occur when repetitive tasks are performed.  

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