By Bob Janssen, CTO

Major desktop transformation projects are inevitable for most organizations. Windows 7 deployments, application or desktop virtualization rollouts and introducing VDI are all common initiatives for many organizations. But how can desktop administrators make critical decisions about changes to their infrastructure without fully understanding their environment, especially from the user perspective? Enter RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer.


Baseline Desktop Analyzer is a free, online, Microsoft Windows Azure-based service that enables IT to quickly gain visibility of their desktop infrastructure from the user point of view. Assessing real-life user data is nothing new to RES. Workspace Manager already includes Desktop Sampler technology to capture live data to help IT build out workspaces for users with the right applications, data and mappings. This has been a popular feature of Workspace Manager for many years, but we quickly realized that this same technology could help IT gain a better understanding of their infrastructure to help them make the right decisions about next steps for their desktops. The data could help IT ensure successful desktop transformation.

We listened to the market and developed Baseline Desktop Analyzer as a new cloud service. It still uses the proven desktop sampler technology, but now it gives IT a fast, in-depth analysis of their infrastructure through a series of comprehensive reports, including:

  • Hardware Inventory
  • Application Landscape
  • User Population
  • Location Layout
  • Printing Topology

While previewing this product to the analyst community, many of them ask how Baseline Desktop Analyzer is different from other assessment tools on the market. The response is quite simple.

Cost – RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer is Free.

Deployment – Baseline Desktop Analyzer is very simple to deploy. It’s agentless, requires no backend configuration and even has an option for zero footprint.

Analysis – Many assessment tools help IT determine how they should move forward with a project, VDI for example. Baseline Desktop Analyzer gives IT the data they need to decide if new technologies make sense, and for which users.

Integration – While most assessment tools provide valuable reports, the data collected doesn’t have much of a shelf life beyond that documentation. On the other hand, all the files collected by the Desktop Sampler agent of Baseline Desktop Analyzer can later be used by IT to build managed workspaces for users in RES Workspace Manager.

The fact is Baseline Desktop Analyzer is the perfect first step for organizations that plan to make any changes to their infrastructure. And with the price tag of $0, why not get valuable insight into your user base? Check it out for yourself at