Rene HeijnenIf you have installed the RES 2014 Suite using the RES Suite 2014 installer, you have probably noticed the new RES Unified Console. We have been working on a creating a more seamless experience of the RES Suite for our customers and the RES Unified Console is one of the results.

Influenced By You
We have had various requests from our customers and our partners to create one console to manage all of the RES Suite. It has even popped up in our customer ideation platform, UserVoice where it received many votes and steadily stayed at the top of the list. Well, we listened and proudly present to you: the RES Unified Console.

Unified Console

You no longer have to work in separate consoles, creating a holistic view of your managed environment. Plus, it is suited to the individual user. Do you only manage RES Automation Manager and the RES IT Store? It’s no problem at all to only see those two solutions. The RES Unified Console will not display, for example, the RES Workspace Manager solution as long as it is not installed on the client from where the environment is managed.

There is no learning curve and you can start managing your environment right away. However, if you prefer, you don’t have to use the RES Unified Console as it’s optional.  You still have the flexibility of keeping the traditional separate consoles.

Let’s Try It
The RES Unified Console is available in the RES Suite 2014 installer.  Try it yourself and install it right now!

  • Current customers can download the RES Suite 2014 installer in our newly redesigned customer support portal.
  • If you’re not a customer but are just curious, you can download the free evaluation installer of the RES Suite 2014 on our website.

The RES Unified Console is optimized for the 2014 releases. We do not recommend it be used with the older product releases, as there are some visual limitations.

The Best Is Yet to Come
As it is our mission, we will continue listening to your requests and improving our products to be easy to use, fully integrated, and with our customers in mind. As you use our solutions we encourage you to visit our UserVoice and share your feedback with us so that we can ensure our solution is continually in line with your needs.

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