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Now that the @ressoftware IT Store has launched, our annual kickoff event has ended, and my duties as Master of Ceremonies (emcee) are complete, I am looking to define my Management by Objectives or MBO’s for 2014. After all, don’t we all love writing our MBO’s every new fiscal year? I would rather be a contestant in the Hunger Games than try to predict what I will accomplish in the coming year. But I digress, here are three MBO’s that any IT Pro can easily achieve with help from the right solutions. (Want to skip to the ending? Those solutions are in the RES Suite 2014.)

MBO #1 – Security and Compliance
According to the Wall Street Journal, the compliance officer role is one of the fastest call a compliance officergrowing jobs in U.S. business. Today, everyone soils their Joe Boxers whenever the topic of security and compliance are introduced into the boardroom, but you don’t have to have the stress. If you leverage solutions that enable you to dynamically control access to IT services based on changing elements like physical location, time of day, WiFi hot spot, end-point device, or geo fence, you could solve massive concerns. Think about it, as soon as a user violates one of the “rules” defined by the business requirements, access to sensitive apps and data can be temporarily or permanently revoked, on the fly.

Now what about when an employee either changes role or leaves the company for good? Any, and all, IT services they had will need to be immediately reassigned or revoked. If you can do this automatically and use an event like HR deleting that employee record as an automation trigger, then holy security and productivity Batman, you’ve changed the game!

MBO #2 – Productivity
Speaking of productivity and efficiency, if you take the notion from MBO #1 of using automation, and apply it to more facets of your IT strategy, think about how much time you have to focus on more critical projects. child changing tvSure, there is a minimal investment up front whenever you look to automate anything, but that’s the nature of the game. Think about changing the channel on your television. Back in my day to change from channel 5’s “Happy Days” to Channel 4’s “The A-Team” then the youngest in the family (me) would have to get out of his beanbag chair, walk or crawl across the room, and turn the dial on the tv. Well, after someone invested the time to create a handheld remote control (clicker) all we have to do now is push a button. The same is true for automation.

You can even leverage the work (runbooks) that others have created using sites like RES Guru. You should think outside the box of using automation for the data center only. If you see gains on large-scale server deployments, think about what you could save by automating that repetitive, redundant service desk call.

What are your top five service desk calls? How much time does your team spend fixing the same problems over and over?

Think of what they could do if they got that time back. Maybe they could get one of those stalled projects back on track like Windows 7 or XenDesktop. What is yellow on your tracking sheet?

MBO #3 – Strategic Partner
In my conversations with the CIO’s of our customers, see a case study here, the one thing they keep saying about their life before RES Software is that they were Boardroomnot perceived as a strategic part of the company. They were a cost center. Fire fighters. The guys who say “No”. They wanted to be strategic. They wanted to take their seat in the boardroom, and when they got there, they wanted to be viewed positively. After they deployed the RES Suite 2014 and started to get their money back in massive multipliers ($3.6 Million in just six months, true story), their team started going through a metamorphosis, like a monarch butterfly on a warm June day.

Users started to get the services they needed to do their job automatically. If they needed additional services for a special project they had a great user experience with their new automated self-service portal (IT Store) and automated IT services. Security was no longer a subject that was whispered about in the men’s room after everyone else had gone home. When someone got “let go”, they didn’t have access to their e-mail for weeks after. All of their IT services were automatically returned to the business according to rules defined by the business using the solutions deployed by IT.

You see, by blending automation, with adaptability and security and a kick ass self-service portal you can knock these MBO’s and more out of the park. 2014 is truly the year that Business meets IT.

Business Meets IT

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