Diana headshotCustomers are the lifeblood of RES Software so we have been placing greater emphasis on building and sustaining those relationships. Last year we launched the RES Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to complement UserVoice (our forum where customers can enter ideas and suggestions about RES products) and our long-standing, more technically oriented RES Software Valued Professionals.

We wanted to gain a different, more senior-level perspective on our technology and its applications. Which we have with our CAB which consists of both business and technical execs from different parts of the globe, representing the Finance, Technology, Insurance, Healthcare, Energy and Legal industries.

Earlier this year, we hosted our first face-to-face CAB meeting in sunny Florida.  The knowledge gleaned from our CAB members really helped to provide insight into how our products are being used, what our customers need from both the technical and non-technical perspective and, in turn, how can we better fine tune and market our solutions to better align them with real customer needs.

I was excited to participate with our CEO, Klaus Besier, our Founder and CTO, Bob Janssen, and other members of our product management and marketing teams. We kicked it off by asking each customer to tell his or her story about why they chose RES Software. As they told their stories I started to realize how remarkable each of them were and how it all added up to something truly extraordinary. Here are some of the highlights I want to share with you.

Our CAB gets back together for another face-to-face meeting later this year, and many of them will have expanded their use of RES Software products. I’m looking forward to another meeting, and will be happy to share more use case stories with you.