Diana headshotWe are excited to be a part of the ServiceNow ecosystem! Integrating with one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, with a market cap of more than $9 Billion, we are ready to help meet the challenges of customers seeking that modern enterprise IT Service Management platform.

We at RES Software are proud to be a Certified ServiceNow Integration Partner, as we are committed to growing smart and strategic partnerships to better meet the needs of our customers.

What do RES and ServiceNow have in common?
I would say we share a common mindset around customers. We at RES Software have built our design philosophy around our customers. We have learned that listening with an open mind to our customers and partners, while watching industry trends, has enabled us to be innovative in everything we do.

Not so long ago our CEO, Klaus Besier, had a conversation with ServiceNow’s CEO, Frank Slootman, to discuss how we could work together. Interestingly enough, Slootman responded that they will not dictate alliances from the top – it needs to be a grass roots effort from our customers. “Your people should learn what we do and study our data structures. If you (RES Software) can use the data to automate tasks, and the customers like it and see value, we will examine how we can best strengthen our relationship.” Shortly after, our integration team worked diligently to better understand ServiceNow’s technology to confirm how we could enhance ServiceNow customers’ experiences with our solution.

The Certification Journey
After speaking to current and prospective customers, and doing additional market research on customer needs, we were able to identify areas where our solutions could slam dunkfurther allow enterprises to optimize their IT efficiency. To help us integrate and validate this solution within the ServiceNow ecosystem, we worked with one of ServiceNow’s most strategic service partners, Fruition Partners, who are the first to earn the Master Services Partner designation. We worked thoroughly with them to ensure that the integration solution would pass the stringent set of interoperability, security and performance test criteria defined by ServiceNow. The ServiceNow team reviewing and validating our solution stated that our integration was a “Slam Dunk” for ServiceNow!

What This Means to our Customers Today
With the ServiceNow / RES Software partnership, we are excited to help customers…

  • Become more agile
  • Further optimize IT efficiency with improved automation and faster resolution of tickets/incidents
  • Improve user satisfaction and interaction with ServiceNow
  • Increase security and compliance with context aware RES Software workspace technology

At the end of the day, we are delighted to be part of a select group of certified ServiceNow Integration Partners, providing greater value-add to ServiceNow customers. This certification designation, which is only awarded to third party partners that have successfully met test criteria set by ServiceNow, gives customers an added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering.

To learn more about our integration, visit us at www.ressoftware.com/ServiceNow.

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