Dave bryantWe are very proud to announce the release of the RES IT Store 2014 FR 1! Wait… FR? Feature Release? That’s right! The amount of work and rapid development of the RES IT Store demanded a new type of release (our other products currently use service and interim releases in addition to major releases).

A feature release contains new features and previous revisions, and is available to all RES Software customers with valid Solutions Assurance. In the past, RES Software would release this type of update as an interim release; however we wanted to make sure that all customers can benefit from this right away. You can download this release from our support portal today.

The highlights of this release include:

  • Service Ratings
  • Service Workflow Tracking
  • New Notification/Refresh Client
  • Administrative Roles
  • Additional improvements, customer enhancements and revisions

Service Ratings
Service Ratings allows users to provide feedback on services by rating them from 1 to 5 stars based on total service experience. This enhancement allows other users to find beneficial services and allows IT to have feedback on what to improve in the future.

service ratings

Service Workflow Tracking
Due to the power of RES Automation Manager behind the RES IT Store, end users are accustomed to having their services delivered within minutes. Unfortunately, some services require human intervention or complex delivery and can take more time than usual. With Service Workflow Tracking, RES IT Store administrators can show end users where a service is in the process and provide feedback as to why a particular service has not yet been delivered.

service workflow

New Notification/Refresh Client
The old Windows Self-Service Client has received a much-needed overhaul including a new name in the RES IT Store Notification Client. In addition to the new look, users who click on a notification will now be redirected to the appropriate message in the IT Store. This allows users to stay in contact with the IT Store even if e-mail integration is turned off and the web portal is closed. Another benefit of the RES IT Store Notification Client is that it can perform a workspace refresh if RES Workspace Manager is running in the user’s current session.

Notification Client

Administrative Roles
Last, but not certainly not least, administrative roles were developed to allow different levels of access to the RES IT Store console. This is a level our customers expect and are accustomed to when using RES Workspace Manager and RES Automation Manager.

admin client

That’s Not All
These are just some of the changes in the RES IT Store 2014 FR1. There are much more. Please review the release notes for the full list.

I would like to extend a big thank you to the development team (and everyone supporting them) for all of the hard work that went into this release. I am anxiously awaiting feedback from customers, partners and employees on the first Feature Release for the RES IT Store as I know it will be great! Feel free to share your thoughts below or on our UserVoice.раскрутка