Michel Roth

We are proud to announce the availability of RES Workspace Manager 2014 Service Release 1, which includes customer requested enhancements that further enable our customers to deliver a highly scalable, secure and fast workspace. The result is a great experience for the end user and easier management for IT.

RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1 has some great new functionality that we would like to highlight:

New RES Workspace Manager Cache mode designed for VDI
There now is a new caching option available that we designed to improve performance and scalability in VDI environments. With this cache mode, all of the RES Workspace Manager cache will be stored on disk – including parts of the cache that are traditionally in the registry. The benefit is that cache updates can now be handled separately from the operating system (drive) which is ideal in non-persistent / pooled VDI scenarios where a golden image is used to provision and manage the virtual desktops.

Restore an Application to its Default Configuration
Users (self-service) and administrators/service desk now have the option to restore an individual application to its default configuration. This helps if none of the previously saved settings are working or if an end user or administrator does not know exactly when a problem first occurred, as it enables a fresh start for just that application.


Enhanced Website Security
The website security feature in RES Workspace Manager is very popular with customers who need to control access to websites. In this release, website security has been enhanced  allowing customers to audit which allowed websites were visited by which users and when, while still blocking (and logging) access to undesired websites. Since this can generate large amounts of data, the audit results can be exported for further analysis in other applications.


Enterprise Usability, Scalability and Performance improvements
RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1 is packed with improvements that increase enterprise usability, scalability and performance. For example, it is now easier to manage a large list of applications in the Start Menu. You can move multiple applications simultaneously from one menu to another, delete multiple applications from the application list, and sort applications in a new column called Menu. This provides a great usability enhancement for our customers who manage up to tens of thousands of applications with RES Workspace Manager.


We’ve improved the startup time of managed (intercepted) applications, enhanced our App-V 5.0 integration to support application pointing to a virtual environment, and increased the speed of loading User Settings.

Stay Updated
For a full list of all the improvements in RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1, please review the release notes. The RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1 download and all the associated documents are available from the RES Customer Portal. Once you’ve had time to try it yourself, let us know what you think.

You can also follow the RES Software blog as well will be highlighting some of the new functionality in more detail in coming weeks.

A big thank you to the RES Development and Engineering team for yet another great release!продвижение