PatrikRES Software released the RES Suite 2014, which includes the RES IT Store (including RES Automation Manager for desktops) and RES Workspace Manager, on February 3rd 2014.

While these solutions may seem familiar, here are five things most people don’t know about the RES Suite 2014, did you?

1. It Covers the Entire IT Services Life Cycle
Why did we bundle the different products into a suite? The answer is simple. Let’s look at how IT services are consumed in the following graphic.

  • In steps 1 and 2 the RES IT Store qualifies users for services based on business rules and offers a service catalog to them for additional services they may need. This is like a menu where the business or user selects the services they want.
  • In step 3, IT to delivers those services to the user as quickly as possible using RES Automation Manager run books.
  • Steps 4 and 5 are all about adapting and securing the user’s services in real-time based on their context with RES Workspace Manager to support hosted desktops and a mobile workforce (the most difficult and critical phase). If a user changes roles, then their IT services will change to align with their new requirements.
  • Step 6 is often the most often overlooked step. The RES IT Store returns those same subscribed services when they are no longer necessary.
  • Eventually the services should start over at step 1, as this is a continuous cycle.

2. Integration is a Key Ingredient
Out-of-the-box, the RES Suite 2014 integrates with a variety of third-party solutions such as, ServiceNow, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, LANDesk, AirWatch, MobileIron and XenMobile to help you manage the complete lifecycle of services in an efficient way. You can even manage software installs and configuration on Mac OS.

integration is a key ingredient

3. Reduce the Burden on IT with Self-Service Password Resets
Shave off some service desk calls with self-service password resets with the RES Suite 2014. Using the capabilities of the RES IT Store users can reset their own passwords using their registered private email address. When they need a password reset, they will receive a verification link at that private address. The REALLY good part is that with the capabilities of RES Workspace Manager you can even reset the password directly from the Windows login screen.

Reduce the Burden on IT with Self-Service Password Resets2

4. Empower Your Management through Delegation of Service Requests
For the line of business manager or service desk that needs to decide who should have a specific service and when it should be delivered, you can use service panels to delegate that ability. In other words, you can enable the functionality to request services for people other than yourself. Remember, with the included RES IT Store, you can have services such as remediation of known errors (desktop issues), application installs, reset password, giving access to project shares, and more.

Empower Your Management through Delegation of Service Requests

5. This Has Been a Part of Our Vision for Years
Having a unified suite solution has been a part of our vision for many years. Did you know that we introduced the predecessor to the RES IT Store within RES Automation Manager 2011 as Service Orchestration? Prior to that, it was called RES Orchestra. We saw the growing value of service orchestration so we separated it from RES Automation Manager, improved the solution, and made it available as RES IT Store 2014. Why? By offering the solution both separately and as a part of the RES Suite 2014, allows for greater overall flexibility.


Did you know that RES Automation Manager was once called RES Wisdom? RES Workspace Manager has a lineage as it used to be RES PowerFuse and in the beginning of RES Software, it was PowerMenu 2000 (Thanks to my friend Max Ranzau at RESGuru Consulting for providing the image). Why did we do all this renaming? As the product evolved, we wanted to have a name that reflected the expanding value.

A Customized Solution You Can Try Today
So now that you have learned all about the RES Suite 2014, test it out yourself and see how you can use the solution in your organization. The best feature of all is that the technology is flexible to fit your needs. If you’re not sure where to start with the technology, you can enjoy over 200 out-of-the-box activities for RES Automation Manager at no extra cost.

Download and try the RES Suite 2014 for 45 days with our free trial available at Then, once you’ve used it, let us know what you