Until I joined RES Software, I spent most of my career helping users obtain access to the right information, at the right time in order to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. For example, ensuring that a call center agent has all the information they need about their customers the second they answer the phone. This would reduce average call handling time and improve customer service. Another solution I managed delivered the right cost and supplier information on demand. This made it so procurement could make the best buying decision to deliver high margins with decreased supply chain risk.

In all of my years focusing on information access and delivery, I didn’t think much about the IT solutions behind the scenes to ensure that my applications were working seamlessly within the right context of the user. Within my first week at RES Software, listening to customer stories, it was as if a light bulb was turned on. Support for business applications isn’t “magic,” it requires a well-oiled machine working in the background. RES solutions enable IT to automate and manage access and services across any application, person or device, based on an awareness of user context. Without this backbone, the solutions I worked on previously could never deliver 100% on their promise. Here are just a few of the stories that turned the light bulb on for me:

Kingston University Delivers an Innovative Student and Faculty Experience for IT Self-Service Increasing User Engagement And Lowering IT Support Costs

kingstonRES provides Kingston University’s diverse user community the ability to compose and manage their own IT environments. With over 400 IT services and applications available for automatic delivery, the IT organization estimates saving over 174 working days in responding to IT service requests.

RES Software not only provides a single user-friendly destination integrating these applications and services (RES IT Store), but also ensures that only those services and applications most relevant to the user’s location, device and other factors. The overall results is a more engaged student and faculty body leveraging their own customized desktop workspace with reduced burden on IT.

Intuit Streamlines their Seasonal Employee Onboarding and Off-Boarding Process through Automated IT Service and Application Delivery

Intuit.JPGBy adopting RES Software solutions, Intuit more closely aligned the business with IT through automated self-service. The increasing number of IT issues that users can resolve on their own releases Intuit’s IT organization to focus on more strategic initiatives. This was especially critical as they increase their staff roughly by 40% the first few months of the year and then downsize after tax season.

Such a large influx of new employees is costly to IT, unless you have automation based on user needs. Automation drives efficiency within IT support, as well as, overall business productivity.

Waterbury Hospital Drives Clinical Productivity and Improved Patient Care

waterburyRES Software provides Waterbury Hospital’s clinicians a dynamic workspace that is optimized to the way they consume the appropriate IT services based on their role, location, and system requirements.

The unique context enabled workspace increases clinician productivity by delivering faster access to patient files, increased login speed, and a streamlined prescription printing process. Now not only do patients receive improved and timely care, but RES has improved overall hospital operational efficiency.

Ready to Learn More

Now that the light bulb is on, I am diving deeper into the business value that 2,500+ RES customers are receiving daily from the ability to:

  • Streamline a customized user workspace for IT applications and service delivery by automatically adapting to the user’s role, location, device, and other contextual factors without manual intervention from IT
  • Accelerate time to productivity by automating the onboarding and off-boarding process for new employees, contractors and consultants
  • Reduce IT support costs through automated self-service reducing the number of IT help desk tickets
  • Enhance existing security and compliance by dynamically revoking or enabling user access based on time of day, physical end-point, Wi-Fi hot spot, physical location, and other external forces

Appreciation for the Unsung Hero

I suspect many application end-users are just as blind as I once was to the technology that is empowering the overall operational efficiency of the business. All too often it is technology like RES Software that can go unappreciated as it just works and the business is none the wiser. Thank goodness for the IT unsung hero who identifies the business pain points before they materialize and invests in the right technologies to keep business applications and IT services humming quietly and efficiently in the background. If you want to read more inspirational stories like these, some additional customer case studies can be found here. You may have a light bulb turn on for you.topod