Diana wongWith the release of RES VDX 2014 – our latest reverse seamless Windows technology – desktop virtualization gets easier with more application support in more environments.

In a prior life, I led the Windows thin client product marketing team at a Fortune 100 tech company. We hosted a large financial customer council where senior IT professionals from some of the largest financial institutions were exchanging best practices around supporting thin clients and virtual desktops. And, to be fair, there was also a little venting about poor user experience and the challenges of standardization. However, for the first time at that meeting, I heard raves about something called “reverse seamless.”

My Introduction to Reverse Seamless

“What’s reverse seamless?” I asked. They were very eager to answer: reverse seamless easily merges local applications with a user’s virtual desktop. “Aha!” I thought and then quickly realized just how much this simple challenge – helping users work with both local and virtual environments simultaneously – impacts an enormous number of people, resulting in real productivity problems. Rather than trying to solve the problem with an additional delivery platform that adds cost and complexity, IT can just use RES VDX software.

What is RES VDX?

The patented RES VDX technology allows local applications to be displayed seamlessly invdx overview graphic both remote and virtual desktop sessions. All this can be accessed in one single session, whereas, in the past, the two simply could not co-exist.

This is especially the case with 2D/3D CAD, unified communications, and intensive financial apps.

What’s new with RES VDX 2014?

What’s new with RES VDX 2014? It now supports more environments like Windows 8, Windows 2012, and higher. IT still enables enhanced interoperability with leading desktop virtualization solutions, including Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. It has also been validated with Horizon View and PCoIP.

There is also new and improved support for intense graphic and media-heavy applications within virtual desktops, including:

  • AutoCAD
  • Chipsoft
  • Voyager
  • Photoshop
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Custom programs
  • Multimedia (AVI) files
  • VoIP
  • Video conferencing applications

With the growing popularity of BYOD and BYOA (Bring-Your-Own-Apps), it can now provide IT and users even more flexibility than before.

With RES VDX 2014, you can take advantage of better client-side media processing and limit the impact on server scalability, since IT has flexibility in application deployment options. Based on their intensity, applications can be run either locally or in the data center.

Other new features of RES VDX 2014 that improve usability include:

  • New RES VDX Start Menu – The menu sports a new look and makes it possiblenew vdx start menu to continuously  show local application and notification areas
  • Window Keys pass through – Special Window Keys can now be forwarded to the session
  • Translation of the RES VDX Context Menu – The RES VDX Context Menu in the session is now translated according to the localization set in the session
  • Usage tracking of extended applications – Together with RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR1, RES VDX 2014 can now track extended applications (running on the client)
  • Master Installer – RES VDX is now delivered with a Master Installer, which makes it easier to install various product parts


RES VDX 2014 is available today! Current customers can visit http://support.ressoftware.com for access. Interested in VDX and want to learn more? Download your free trial here.раскрутка