Diana wongWhen I say desktop virtualization, mobility, and innovation, what comes to mind? For auto manufacturer Hyundai, those words presented an opportunity to supercharge their IT environment across their Australian operations. Earlier this year, Hyundai enlisted Sydney integrator BEarena with the challenge to deliver flexibility in their VDI implementation without adding substantial complexity. The choice was to combine their VMware solution with RES Software and Nutanix for a seamless user experience and practical IT execution.

The methodology behind their decision was highlighted in the article “Driving Productivity” in the August 2014 edition of CRN Magazine. What were the results? As stated by Bala Kothandaraman, Hyundai’s General Manager of ICT, “It was so seamless that the end user didn’t even realize there were massive changes going on behind the scenes.”

A Search for Simple

driving productivityHyundai and BEarena had an ambitious agenda with a relatively small IT team, so their goal was to find a reliable, easy to manage and cost effective solution that would not be complex and would complement the VMware Horizon solution.

The addition of RES Software allowed BEarena to “automate in the way in which users’ profiles and data were dealt with in that platform and deliver the maximum flexibility to Hyundai in the VDI implementation,” according to Darren Ashley, BEarena’s Managing Director.

Not only was RES Software able to deliver on that goal, but with our technology, users were able to maintain a consistent and seamless experience from virtual desktop to laptop, allowing for their personalized IT experience to follow them across their working day. This created value for Hyundai, of which nearly 50% of its staff is mobile, in the form of improved productivity in and out of the office. The first step in increasing employee engagement is enabling them with the resources and tools they need to complete their jobs effectively. That is what this project aimed to do for Hyundai employees.

Internal Adoption

One of the most interesting results was the internal interest in VDI for mobile. As Bala from Hyundai states in the CRN article, “With the VDI, we started the project by first replacing the existing PCs. But once the business saw the flexibility and the power of the technology, they asked me to extend it to the mobile staff.” The number of seats doubled. Most IT organizations know the pain of trying to sell a new technology to the business, but it’s a powerful thing when a solution can demonstrate impact quickly and prove its value from day one.

More than Just Technology

BEarena has access to a wide-range of software solutions, including several big-name solutions. But when designing for Hyundai, they chose specialized solutions from Nutanix and RES Software for two reasons. As described by BEarena’s Managing Director Darren Ashley, “We believe that Nutanix is firmly the market leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure space, and RES in terms of personalization and automation space” and “we are seen as extensions of their teams.” Together we can best build custom solutions for our customers by leveraging each side’s knowledge, trust and experience.

logos hyundai bearenaHyundai chose BEarena because of their expertise, focus, and willingness to dive deep into the nuts & bolts of Hyundai’s infrastructure to understand how they work today and guide them towards what will best work for them tomorrow. BEarena chose RES Software and for the same reasons. When all of the pieces fall in line, the end-result is success.

So what is your top priority when evaluating solutions providers?

Read more about this story at http://www.crn.com.au. If you’re in San Francisco later this month, see how other organizations like Hyundai have also jet set their organizations toward user-friendly desktop virtualization by visiting booth 2328 at VMworld 2014. You can schedule a demo and see the technology in action.aracer