tyria saulLast week I had the privilege to attend my very first VMworld in San Francisco and I didn’t know what to expect. Especially after hearing about VMworld’s of the past. I spend much of my time behind a keyboard sharing the excitement that others have with the world, it was nice to experience it all in-person and share my own excitement first hand. From the mind-blowing, double-decker booths and exotic car giveaways to the thousands of IT professionals hungry for the latest tech, my brain was on overload in the Solutions Exchange hall.

As soon as I got home, I decided to make a list of the top five things I witnessed from the RES Software booth. Of course, they are all about RES Software. This is my personal list, but everyone has a different view and perspective. So, after you read it, let me know in the comments section what your top VMworld highlights were.

 1. Being a Finalist for an Award at the Solutions Exchange

It’s always great to be recognized for our hard work and dedication, and at VMworld, we received that recognition. RES Software was a Best of VMworld 2014 Awards finalist in the Desktop Virtualization and End User Computing category for the RES IT Store 2014. The RES IT Store was chosen by an independent team of judges and evaluated based on innovation, value, performance, reliability, and ease of use. All of which are areas we strive to excel in for all of our solutions. Click here to read more about the awards and winners at VMworld 2014.

best of vmworld awards

2. A Special Demo for VMworld TV

What’s a better way to be introduced to the RES Software then by interviewing the man behind the vision, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of RES Software, Bob Janssen? That’s exactly what Jeremy from VMworld TV did. Bob described how over 10 years of vision of IT as a service has resulted in the RES IT Store. In the words of Bob, our intention is to evolve IT from “gatekeeper to shopkeeper.”

The video didn’t stop with Bob’s interview; VMworld TV recorded a demo of the RES IT Store by Don Harlan, an RES Software Solution Architect. Don onboarded Jeremy in the RES IT Store as a new employee in the system. Jeremy was provisioned the IT services customized to match the role given to him in the system, including email, IT Store access and more, for the duration of his employment. Click to watch the full video 


3. A BrianMadden.com Exclusive

VMworld TV wasn’t the only group to request a custom demo of the RES IT Store. Gabe Knuth from BrianMadden.com stopped by for his own demo conducted by Josh Goodstein. Josh made Gabe a doctor, “He’s not a doctor, he just plays one on brianmadden.com” and walked him through adding a new user via the RES IT Store from both the front-end user interface, and the back-end IT administrator perspective. Josh added Gabe to the demo company’s HR System, which was integrated into the RES IT Store. In less than 10 minutes, Gabe was hired, provisioned critical IT services and removed from the system at the click of a few buttons. The video went live on www.brianmadden.com as a post by the namesake himself with the compliment, “Usually IT self-service apps are kind of boring, but this product is actually pretty cool.” Click to watch the full video 

brianmadden.com demo

4. More Traffic than San Francisco at Rush Hour

Thousands of people stopped by the RES Software booth over the course of the four-day Solutions Exchange. The crowd included IT professionals hoping to find solutions for their IT headaches, and those just curious as to what this vibrant orange and blue booth was bringing to the table. With open demo pods for the technologically intrigued and fun giveaways like noise canceling headphones for the swag scroungers, the booth attracted many people new to our solution and company. Leaving most amazed by what we can do; some even coming back a 2nd and 3rd time with more coworkers to share the story. I personally spoke to dozens of booth attendees and the one phrase that crept up more than a few times after they heard the story was “That’s Awesome!”


It was also a chance for us to connect with our existing customers. One attendee walked up to our booth and simply asked, “Can I shake someone’s hand?” While a few RES Software folks were initially caught off guard, he continued by thanking us for saving his thin client deployment from a crash and burn. Turns out our patented reverse-seamless technology allows users at one of his key sites to access a few of their critical applications that must run locally from within their virtual sessions. Without this capability, his project would have been in major risk of stall or failure. It is always great to hear these success stories in person!

5. A Social Media Explosion

We started VMworld by supporting a great cause and participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge on behalf of RES Software. Josh Goodstein, Anca Popovici, Lorena Crowley, and I had all been challenged individually so we decided to accept the challenge together, and RES Software agreed to match our donations. We started the conference off right with a little ice, a little water, some team bonding, and a lot of support for a worthy cause.

als challenge

An added bonus in this world of social media was the inclusion of some Twitter contests and games during VMworld. We gave attendees a chance to win noise canceling headphones and a grand prize of a Lego Delorean through tweeting. All they had to do was tweet to the #RESGeekFun to be entered to win the Delorean or tweet a photo of them wearing the RES IT-Shirt to win the noise canceling headphones. Over 100 people joined in on the fun over the course of the promotion resulting in over a dozen happy winners.

To turn the fun up a notch, we offered a photo opp for those daring enough to be Marty McFly. Many stopped by and snapped a photo of in our Future of IT Photo Stand In. It was nice to see so many light-hearted people join in on the fun. Here are some of the fun photos for your enjoyment. You may even see yourself in the mix.


So that’s it. I had a great time and we saw a lot of excitement around RES Software and our solutions. Now it’s your turn. Post in the comments section what were your favorite moments and we can reminisce together. If you wrote a blog yourself, share that too. The one thing that I took from the conference was that there are so many great ideas out there, so let’s share them.

If you want to learn more about the RES Software solutions, capabilities and even integration with VMware, check out the content below.