RES Automation Manager 2014 SR2 is now available. You can download the software and documentation from the RES Support Portal. There are three downloads, with a login required, including:

There are several new capabilities in this release including VMware vCenter integration and audit trail paging. There are also several fixes, which are outlined in the release notes.

VMware vCenter Integration
VMware vCenter allows for the central management of multiple vSphere servers and virtual machines (VMs).

Audit Trail Paging
To better support larger enterprises, we now show audit trail results on pages. We have also added navigation buttons to browse through the various pages, making navigating through hundreds of thousands of entries in the audit tail easier.

"File Exists" and "Folder Exists"
As a request from customers, we have added new expressions, file exists and folder exists when configuring conditions in modules and projects; making it possible to check whether specific files or folders exist on the agent that executes the module or project.

A Team Effort

I am delighted with the content that we have delivered in RES Automation Manager 2014 SR2, and am grateful to our superb support, engineering, research and development and integration teams that worked hard to deliver this! As always, the Product Management team is looking forward to your feedback on this release, so try it out and post your thoughts!

Bringing you automation for the nation,

Grant Tiller