By: Rene van der Linden

In the case of implementing changes to your RES Workspace Manager 2012 and higher (RES WM) Environment, you need to inform your users what is changing for them.

You can publish a message on your Intranet or send a mail to your end users, but you won”t know that the message is read by your end users. A more direct way is prompting the end user with a message box, containing the information you want them to know.

To show a message from RES WM, an Application Object can be created to display a HTML page (iexplore.exe with parameter) or PDF (arcoread.exe with paramter) and set it to “Voluntary” Autostart (so the end user can disable the message). This way of showing a message is easy to manage, but when we want to reuse this application object to display a new message, there isn’t a way to at it to the start up (Mandatory is no option, message will be shown at every logon).

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