Dave bryantThe RES IT Store 2014 Feature Release 2 is now available. As always, the software and documentation can be downloaded from the RES Support Portal by customers with valid Solution Assurance.

There are two downloads in this release. *We incorporated the RES IT Store Notification Clients into the RES IT Store Installer and renamed them the RES IT Store Client.



There are several new features included in the second feature release for the RES IT Store 2014. For a complete list of all the features and fixes, please refer to the release notes.

Password Reset with Security Questions

We have enhanced our self-service password reset functionality to easily support security questions and answers. This can be used to either replace or enhance the standard secondary e-mail address option, providing added security features.

Password reset

Cancel Service Workflow Action

The new Cancel Service workflow action allows one service to cancel another, as well as allows provisioned services to be returned in a specified order. A must have when doing onboarding and off-boarding! For example, you can create one service that will lock a device, remove access and wipe it clean systematically and in that order to reduce risk in the case of lost and stolen devices.

 cancel service workflow

Request Service Workflow Action

The new Request Service workflow action allows one service to request one or more additional services, which allows services to be bundled together, as well as supports more complex workflow actions.

request service workflow

Licensing Improvements

Now users can be marked as active (counted towards a license) or inactive (treated as unlicensed), which allows administrators to mark service accounts, admin accounts and disabled accounts as inactive. This can not only reduce software license costs, it provides added security as inactive accounts cannot use the RES IT Store service catalog, or request or cancel IT services.

licensing improvements

A Big Thank You!

I am very pleased with this new release. It has many improvements asked for by our customers, partners, professional services teams, and pre-sales teams. I want to make sure that I thank all of you who have helped to develop, test, document, and provide feedback on this release. It was a great team effort!

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below or on share feedback through the RES Software UserVoice service.topod