Guido Drissen HeadshotActivating licenses is one of the steps you need to do in every new configuration or when licenses are added in an already existing configuration. The activation process for RES Software solutions is fairly straightforward (like most things, once you’ve done them at least once), but we still receive questions about expired licenses, especially during the activation process. So let’s take a closer look at license activation.

The License Wizard

The process to register and activate licenses consists of three steps:

  1. Import the license file
  2. Register the licenses and request an activation file
  3. Activate the licenses

License wizard


1. Import the License File – “Add RES Software License”

In this step, add the license file (reslic*.xml) that you need to use in the environment. Only one license file can be added at a time. Perform this step again to add another license file. Purchased licenses will expire 30 days from the date that they are generated. This means they can be used until their expiration date without activation. However, once they‘ve passed this expiration date, they will appear as expired in the license overview. Expired licenses cannot be used by the agents; they must first be activated.

2. Register the Licenses and Request an Activation File – “Register and Automatically Activate RES Software License(s)”

In this step, the licenses will be registered via an activation request that is sent to RES Software. Once received, the systems will try to activate the licenses automatically. If this step succeeds, you’re ready to go. (Keep in mind, that a direct connection to the internet is needed to make use of the automatic activation feature.)

Note: The activation request is made for all imported license files. A good practice is to import all needed license files before requesting the activation.

What if the Automatic Activation Fails?

The error message below will appear when the automatic activation fails which means that a manual request for activation must be done.

 License wizard error message

This can occur, for example, when the server on which the activation is performed could not contact the license server at RES Software at the necessary time.

If you see this error message, simply continue with the process by clicking “OK,” and then request the activation manually per the following steps.

How to Request an Activation File Manually

To register and request an activation file manually, use the “Web…” option first from the dialog box shown below. If the Web option doesn’t work, use the alternatives:

  • Use “Email…” to send the activation file directly to an email address
  • Use “Save to file…” to store the request in a file, and then manually send that file to

Submit license registration

The request will be reviewed and manually processed by the RES Software Back Office team, who will send the activation file (resact*.xml) back to you via the email address provided.

3. Activate the Licenses – “Import Activation File for RES Software License(s)”

As explained above, this step only needs to be performed when the automatic activation has failed. The activation file (resact*.xml) can be imported by clicking on “import activation file for RES Software license(s).” After processing the file, the licenses are activated and ready for use.

Activation imported message

Now You’re Ready to Use RES Software

You can evaluate the RES Software products for a period of 45 days. After this period ends, to continue using the software, licenses need to be imported, registered, and activated. Do you still want more detail? For even more quick tips, follow us on twitter @RES_Support.

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