Rene HeijnenWe recently released RES Workspace Manager 2014 Service Release 2, which brings support for the latest and greatest version of VMware Horizon View…6. In line with previous versions, we enable:

  • Support for Blast Protocol
  • Support for PCoIP
  • Support for RDP
  • Improved TSClient Addresses
  • Important VMware View Agent qualification

Displaying Agents

We’ve additionally enhanced how we display an agent in the Agents Overview. When you are running a View agent on a Terminal Server you will see that it is a View Agent instead of just reporting that it is an agent, as shown in the screenshot below:

displaying agents


One integration function our customers often use is making the availability of an application dependent on the protocol used in a VMware Horizon View session. For example, if you have graphically intense software like Photoshop or AutoCAD in your environment, you probably only want to offer this application to a user if the performance is good enough in a remote session. Typically, a session running the BLAST protocol is not suited for this. You can configure this with zones.

As shown below, I configured a zone with the name BLAST.


When you select this option, make sure to exclude it from the workspace container you use for configuring the GPU intensive applications.


When configuring the application, you should select the workspace container so it is only available for the users that are not using the VMware BLAST protocol.


 That’s Not All You Can Do

To see more of what you can do with RES Workspace Manager SR2, see the full list of new capabilities in the release notes that are available, along with the Administration Guide and other associated documents, at Also make sure to follow the RES Software blog if you want to receive more updates about SR2 and other exciting things that are happing at RES Software!