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Happy New Year from our team here at RES Software! We have been busy over the holiday testing, re-testing, and testing again the latest update for RES Automation Manager 2014. I am delighted to tell you that RES Automation Manager 2014 Service Release 3 is now available for your enjoyment! Of course, full details regarding what’s new, changed and updated can be found here in the Release Notes.

In the meantime, here are a few capabilities you will find in this latest release:

IBM Fiberlink Integration

We now integrate with IBM Fiberlink (MaaS360). IBM Fiberlink is IBM’s Enterprise Mobility Management Platform that enables IT to deliver end-to-end security and management.


IBM Maximo Integration

We now integrate with IBM Maximo, IBM’s comprehensive enterprise asset management for asset lifecycle and maintenance management.


Connectors are Obsolete When Using Datacenter Server and/or Desktop Licenses

In environments that only use Datacenter Server and/or Desktop licenses, connectors have become obsolete.


Option to Specify a WebAPI Port

It is now possible to specify a different port.


Distribution Short Name Added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Package

To help customers when updating their agents, installation packages for RES Automation Manager Agents based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux now contain the distribution short name.


Change to Order of Job Execution for Teams

The order in which jobs are executed will now be ascending according to team names.


Active Recurring Jobs are Now Shown as Read-Only

It is no longer possible to edit active recurring jobs. This prevents possible issues that could otherwise occur when the console or dispatcher updates recurring jobs.


Use Variables and Parameters in Password Field

It is now possible to use variables and parameters as value for parameters of type password. Note this is for type password and NOT type credentials.

Use Variables in Security Context of Resources Stored on Fileshare

When a resource that is stored on a fileshare is added, it is now possible to use variables in the security context field.

Download Your Copy Today

The Software and Documentation is available in the download section of the RES Software Customer Support portal. Here are the download links to the specific files. Please note that you will need valid Solution Assurance in order to login to the RES Software Portal and gain access.

I am thankful as always to our amazing Support, Engineering, Research & Development, and Integration teams that worked hard to deliver this! As always, the Product Management team is looking forward to your feedback on this release!

In the meantime, keep automating!