Lou DonofrioLike many of my colleagues, I had a chance to take some time off at the end of the year to recharge my batteries and celebrate the holidays. In between visits with family and friends, exchanging gifts, eating too much and watching some great (and not so great) movies and football games, I found an opportunity to reflect on all that RES Software accomplished in 2014.

Organizational Growth

As you may know, I’m responsible for Product Management at RES Software. What you probably didn’t know was that at RES Software, Product Management is part of the Research and Development organization, which grew an incredible 50% in 2014. This growth was needed to accommodate our expanding product offering, as well as our customer base, which now stands at 3,000 customers worldwide and growing. With the addition of new developers and engineers, we formed new teams and expanded others including those focused on integration with technology partners, enterprise customer support, requirements management, industry certifications, mobile and the cloud.

Even more good news is that we’re still in hiring mode with plans to grow throughout 2015.

Product Lifecycle Management

At RES Software, we are committed to agile software development. Across all product areas, we conduct daily agile developmentscrums, weekly grooming sessions, monthly sprint planning sessions, sprint demos, etc. We’ve empowered our product teams to make decisions; we’re developing lightweight and visual requirements focused on the end user; we’re focused on frequent delivery of products; and we’re testing early and often.

product development lifecycle

However, Product Management involves more than just new development. We also work diligently on maintaining the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for all of our products. This is needed to ensure that we’re meeting our customer’s needs, speeding time to market and improving product quality and reliability for our core offerings. This led to some great new product introductions in 2014, maintenance releases, and other changes, including the decision to phase out support for a product no longer in our purview.

New introductions

We launched the RES Suite 2014 in February, which included the new RES IT Store, as well as RES Automation Manager 2014 and RES Workspace Manager 2014. We followed that up with major RES IT Store feature releases in June and September, interim releases of RES Automation Manager 2014 in June and December for early adopter customers, and major service releases of RES Workspace Manager 2014 in June and November.

In August, we had a major release of RES VDX 2014 with great new functionality. RES VDX now supports more environments like Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and higher. There is also new and improved support for intense graphic and media-heavy applications and workloads within virtual desktops. Additionally, we added a new look and feel for the RES VDX Start Menu, improved the integration with RES Workspace Manager, and greatly simplified the installation of RES VDX 2014.

Overall, we delivered a record 47 engineering and development releases in support of the RES Product line in 2014!

Evolution of Products

As announced earlier this year, the RES HyperDrive product was transitioned to our technical partner, Nomadesk, in March. Beginning this month, Nomadesk has full ownership and responsibility for maintaining and supporting Nomadesk HyperDrive technology. This arrangement maintains support for existing HyperDrive customers while allowing RES Software to increase focus on our core offerings.

Also, as announced on the BDA website early in December, the decision was made to phase out the Baseline Desktop Analyzer product by the end of 2014. RES Software has plans to incorporate and improve BDA’s most relevant reporting capabilities in a future release of RES Workspace Manager.

Looking Forward to 2015

15 yearsRES Software is a dynamic, growing company with a passion for innovation and customer support. Thank you to all of our customers and partners for making 2014, our 15th year in business, such a memorable year. Please stay tuned throughout the year for some exciting announcements including new releases of the RES Suite and VDX. Happy New Year to all in the RES Community!продвижение