paulinaAs a software vendor, it is essential for us at RES Software to provide fanatical support and excellent customer service. Lucky for us, we have lot of fun providing that support. J

We offer fantastic services for your RES Software products that are included in your Solution Assurance package. We aim to be very easy to contact, with response times that are lightning speed; and our extensive knowledgebase contains a great deal of information to help our customers understand and use our products. This is in addition to the many advantages outlined in our RES Software Customer Support leaflet.

We pride ourselves in the high customer satisfaction ratings and the comments we receive on a regular basis. We even keep a wall of them as a reminder to us to strive for ongoing improvement. Here’s a photo.

Compliments of Support

Like most support departments, we have our procedures, rules and a clear vision of how support should be done. But, there are a few important things about us that are different from most support departments – things that make us unique.  

Direct Access to Our Experts

RES Software expertsFor one, we staff only with technical support experts and give you direct access to them. You will never call RES Software Support and talk to someone who is not technically skilled in RES Software. Well, unless you accidently call the main line and reach our receptionist (though I dare say ours is one of the best out there).

Since our team is skilled in more than just RES Software technology (and are sometimes a little stubborn), they’ll even try to help resolve your issue if it’s ultimately not an RES Software issue. They are rarely able to let a challenge go unresolved.

Swift Contact after Reporting a Support Case

We have our experts constantly watching for new cases coming in through email and web during business hours. As a ground rule, we try to call the person reporting the new case as soon as possible because we believe that if you are able to send us an email or drop us a web case, you are usually close to your phone. Talking goes faster than writing J.

Classifying an issue properly takes time and skill. It is one of the most important phases for any support case. We often hear that we ask “so many” questions or we hear “I told you guys this before.” Please bear with us in this short phase, as working with assumptions or incorrect facts can be disastrous. After careful classification, you will then be connected with your dedicated support engineer who will work with you until the issue is solved.

We are often able to solve an issue within 24 hours. In fact, half of our cases are solved the same day. This is because we connect you directly with a highly skilled support engineer so we don’t have the long delays in transferring cases from tier to tier, and from person to person.

The Right People

RES Software support teamHaving the right people onboard is key. Have a look at the post, Technical Recruiting at RES Software, to see how we recruit our technical staff. We don’t hire just anyone. We continue our search until we have found the correct match. This keeps us in a continuous recruiting process and we are always hiring.

Our support engineers are hired based on technical & troubleshooting skills, but also on commitment, service mindedness, persistence, and for being good team players. In doing so, we have built our Support Team into what it is today: a team of great people who are passionate about their jobs. Our support engineers are given freedom to think creatively and to try new things to help customers. The RES Software Support team is the most important factor behind our high customer satisfaction ratings.

Coming Soon: the RES Success Center!

We are making our support delivery even stronger online. RES Software is launching the RES Success Center, a single destination for all the information you need to leverage your RES Software technology. This includes product and training information via a convenient self-service portal, knowledgebase, and a peer Q&A section. With the RES Success Center, you will gain significant value from faster and easier access to knowledge resources, peers and the RES Support team.

We are continuously trying to innovate and finding ways to improve support. This is a constant challenge and one we never grow tired off because there is really nothing more motivating than having happy