Martin Lako (2)We are very excited about the new features that RES Workspace Manager 2014 SR2 delivers. This blog will focus on a new option for RES Workspace Manager agents to automatically or manually remove inactive agents.

It is now possible to automatically remove agents that have been inactive for 45, 60, 90 or 120 days from your RES Workspace Manager environment.

Auto Manually Remove Inactive Agents 1

Previously, the process of cleaning up inactive agents was a labor-intensive manual task. With this new option, the RES Workspace Manager environment will automatically clean up inactive agents, which keeps the datastore clean of obsolete agents. In the case of laptop agents, the claimed RES Workspace Manager license will be automatically returned.

Note: Agents on Citrix XenApp servers will not be automatically removed, as they may be used for application publishing.

Besides automatically removing agents, it is also possible to manually remove inactive agents from the RES Workspace Manager console. In the sections Administration > Maintenance, the new maintenance action Remove inactive agents is now available. When selecting this action, you will be asked to specify the minimum number of days the agents should be inactive. See the following screenshot.

Auto Manually Remove Inactive Agents 2

When the number of days is selected, the RES Workspace Manager Console shows you how many inactive RES Workspace Manager Agents qualify under the criteria you’ve set. These are displayed in a dialog screen along with the number of inactive days per agent. After confirming the removal process in this dialog screen, the agents will be removed from the RES Workspace Manager datastore.

Auto Manually Remove Inactive Agents 3aracer