Diana wongLast year, we introduced the RES ONE Service Store which allows employees to have a single destination where new applications and services can be requested and returned.  We’ve gotten great feedback from customers as this has allowed them to add a “face” to IT for the business.  They are experiencing improved productivity as this allows IT to automate business workflow and approval cycles, and provide visibility into workflow at each the stage for each employee.

As technology evolves, behaviors change. People have adopted a need for faster, if not instant gratification that is guided by modern technology. They want and expect this in all facets of their life, not just at home, but in the office as well. I certainly do!  Organizations need to maximize freedom and productivity for the workforce while reducing costs, streamlining IT operations and implementing best practices for optimized security. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you the new RES ONE Service Store overview video.

I was speaking to a customer earlier this year and was delighted to hear that he had installed more than 120 services in his RES ONE Service Store in just a few months. Besides including traditional requests for apps such as Salesforce.com or Adobe apps, MDM registration, password resets, request access to shares / folders,  even On-boarding / off boarding requests, they are using the RES ONE Service Store to request and automate Human Resource, Facility, Financial, Design (BIM), Planning, Maintenance Management services. The use cases are endless.