Diana wongIt’s all over the news…the rise of corporate security incidents.  Besides the commonly recognized data security breaches like hacks (I unfortunately discovered that I was one of the millions of Anthem insurance breach victims when I recently received a letter about free credit monitoring), there are many other culprits in this security mess.

Negligent and careless employees are just as dangerous to organizations as outsider cyber threats. I’m sure that you’ve heard about the Morgan Stanley insider who allegedly used his access to privileged client information and tried to monetize it. Reports have shown that inadvertent misuse of data from insiders tops the list of breach causes back in 2013, responsible for 36% of breaches (Forrester).

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to protect your company from the various security threats, high-profile breaches, and vulnerabilities that can impact your organization. It’s not just about protecting the perimeter anymore. Organizations must protect their data AND the access people have to that data.

Empowering Users While Maximizing Security and Compliance

Here’s an infographic that can help identify some common problem areas and what organizations can do about it. It’s not about locking down the environment and stifling productivity. Learn how to enable workforce to work where, when and how they prefer but with that layer of security – Securing the Digital Workforce.

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