ellenHi it’s me again at RES Software. As part of our ramp-up for HiMSS 2015 we just released a new infographic. Here’s the gist: secure, compliant management of healthcare and patient information is a must. But healthcare systems also need to ensure accessibility and ease-of-use for clinicians. Otherwise, you’ll impede patient/clinician engagement and sacrifice the quality of care.

This challenge requires some savvy healthcare IT – backed by organizational commitment. What does this mean? It means C-level roles focused on the intersection of IT and healthcare delivery. We call it the C-Suite A-Team for healthcare IT.

Who’s on Your A-Team?

Think of an action movie where the good guys assemble a team of specialists for a risky mission. For healthcare IT, the cast of characters might look like this:

  • The Architect – Comes up with the blueprint for effective healthcare IT and drives implementation.
  • The Muscle – Focuses on security. Nobody gets by undetected.
  • The Techie – Brings together all the gadgets and technology to accomplish mission objectives.
  • The Adult – Makes sure nothing goes wrong that might adversely impact mission success.
  • The People Person – Knows how to schmooze. Gets things done by sheer force of personality.

Can you guess the actual C-Suite roles that correspond to this elite team of healthcare IT operatives? Take a look at our infographic to see how they align. And if you’re at HiMSS 2015, come visit us at booth #7174. Look forward to seeing you.


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