Stacy L headshot updatedI had the opportunity to attend Citrix Synergy 2015 a few weeks ago, and if I had to describe the event in one word it would be “experience.” That’s for two reasons:All

1.  In the sessions I attended, the core focus was the user experience. Mark Templeton himself recognized it as a key driver for Citrix.

2.  It was truly a rewarding experience just to attend, especially as a member of team RES.


Experience – The Heart of the Mobility Movement

Throughout Synergy, Citrix was spreading the word of the software-defined workplace. More importantly, the ideology that the “workspace” is the engine powering the workplace in which you and I work.

In his keynote, Templeton described the workspace as “every digital tool that the worker needs, independent of device. He held up his Mark Templeton Synergy 2015smart phone (which apparently included over 65,000 unread emails) and said this is my workspace and it fits in my pocket. He then showed how it connected to his other workspace, the one that lives on remote servers and in the cloud claiming and that it too was all his workspace.  His point was that the workspace is not a what, but an “&” – meaning that it is endless, omnipresent and always changing.

Templeton challenged us as IT professionals to make the experience of accessing, securing and delivering the workspace a flexible and seamless experience for our workforce. As Templeton walked through the high level advancements in the Citrix portfolio, he continued to emphasize the need to solve problems in the software-defined workplace by adapting to different devices, apps, content, security and the workforce.

Security was a key theme of the day two keynote. The message was clear: you must enable worker agility while enabling secure controls. Mobility brings a new way for people to work and as IT leaders we must be transformational in creating a rich experience that is personalized and flexible. While there were plenty of product announcements and demos as well (check them out at SynergyTV) my greatest takeaway was that regardless of what or how you implement your technology – keep a quality experience at the center.

Experience as the “New Cool”

cooler and rescue drinkOk, so call me biased as a marketer, but the “RES, We’re the New Cool” theme was a grand slam at Synergy. And no it wasn’t the awesome orange T-shirts, the refreshing REScue energy drinks, or even the large coolers that made RES a cool stop on the tradeshow floor. It was our customers, partners and intrigued potential customers all talking about the power of RES technology.

All three days, the booth was booming. We heard great things like:


  • I was in a session and they mentioned RES as the vendor to talk with to extend our Citrix deployment and help to securely manage our workspaces.
  • We have been a customer of Citrix for a while and know your new CEO Al Monserrat We had to check out what was so enticing that he left Citrix to join RES.
  • I was talking to one of our partners and when I asked what was the one solution we should look at this year to enhance our Citrix stack, they said RES.

So when people stopped by, what was it that kept them at the booth talking? As Templeton mentioned in his keynotes, organizations are looking to busy boothtransform their digital workspaces to power their workplaces. We at RES help organizations improve the experience and productivity of their customers – their workforce by automating and managing the digital workspace. Synergy’s prevailing theme of building a strong experience is at the heart of what RES does, ensuring that we offer people-centric workspaces that are personalized for each employee and proactively adapts to their changing context and needs.

So if you missed us at Synergy and want to learn more, check out this video of our customers just like you discussing we have helped them improve productivity, reduce risk and lower costs. You can also speak to one of our experts directly to begin building the right solution for your organization.