Stacy L headshot updatedToday, I am in Orlando at the Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit and if I could summarize this year’s theme it would be the call for a “New Tomorrow”. One that offers a new normal for IT with increased business alignment, greater agility and less control. Yes that is right, I said the new normal requires IT giving up some control.

Gartner is emphasizing that in order to stay relevant and deliver business value, IT leaders need to move past the old days of dictatorships – dictating what devices and applications employees can use to get work done. IT professionals, especially in Infrastructure, need to be more consultative. This means enabling the business and the workforce to select what technology they need to innovate and maximize their productivity, while leveraging IT as trusted advisors to ensure the choices integrate, scale and be more secure.

I’ve been watching as attendees listen to these bold statements. Some are shaking their heads in agreement that this is the right path forward, whilefish bowl others look terrified. Regardless of where one is on the maturity spectrum for this new tomorrow, IT professionals need to “take a leap of faith” into the future of digital workplaces.

A Keynote Reflection

During yesterday’s keynote, Chris Howard of Gartner spoke about scenarios for the future of IT. He declared to the room of IT professionals that “it is a great time do what we do. It is a time of experimentation and innovation.”

Chris defined the digital business as “the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds.” Declaring that the digital business requires emancipation from data, computers, business processes, cube dwellers and, most importantly, IT disciplines. He shared that the digital business requires a new balance in three core areas of IT:

  • Centralized vs Decentralized: This is stretching the business dynamic further than ever before by decentralizing buying and decision power not just to the line of business – but to the end user. Chris event quoted Jurassic Park saying “life will find a way”; telling us we need to find new technologies that will empower end-users and handle the “internet of things” because change is happening and users will find a way to take control.
  • Shared vs Protected: This is a call for a new definition of ethics in the digital business. Gartner found that by 2018, 50% of business ethics violations will occur through improper use of big data analytics. Information is power and in the digital business we need to define who has that power and when should insights be shared broadly versus being protected.
  • Machinist vs Humanist: The digital business brings great automation opportunities to drive efficiency, but Chris reminded us to not forget human behavior as we drive automation. Factor in the variance of behaviors that occur and ensure that choices are made with users at the top of mind.

In addition to the keynote, discussions are buzzing in sessions and on the exhibit floor around the rights solutions for IT to shift power to the user for this digital era. This is continued with exciting conversations at the RES booth as just yesterday we unveiled the next generation of our solutions which was founded on this new way of thinking, RES ONE. RES ONE helps unify how technology is managed, automated and secured by IT with how it is consumed and leveraged by the business and workforce.

RES ONE is Championing the Digital Workforce

RES ONE delivers on many of the foundational necessities for the new digital workplace offering:

  • An empowered user experience making it easy for the workforce to access the technology most relevant to their needs – increasing productivity
  • Greater automation capabilities to meet the evolving demands of the business and enabling IT’s time to focus on more strategic, innovation-driven, projects
  • Increased security without hindering the workforce’s need to work wherever, whenever and on whatever device they desire.

So stop by booth 622 and let’s talk about how RES One can help you achieve your business goals by aligning IT with the business and the workforce.

Not At Gartner?

For those not here, our founder and CTO, Bob Janssen, has recorded a great video on the need to unify and why he believes RES ONE is a game changer in this new world of IT.

So now it is time for me to listen to a few more sessions and meet with analysts. But if you see me on the exhibit room floor, be sure to stop me so that we can talk this new era of IT while we are still ahead of the game. If there is any constant in this ever shifting IT landscape, it is that time waits for no one!