Have you ever thought of how the world would be without testing? Interesting enough, even as testers, sometimes we just do our jobs not really thinking about the impact of our work or our efforts as a community. By applying our knowledge, techniques, methods, experience and even “gut” we DO help this world be a better place (remember Michael Jackson’s song? “[…] for you and for me”).

Testing is so much more than what we tend to think it is: it is all the proved theory that would’ve been just on paper if never tested; it is in all those people who stand behind a desk in a lab – not behind a computer – and give, after millions of experiments, the best medicines to cure diseases; it is in all the great explorers of the world that, through their expertise, gave us their truth regarding Earth – its origins, components and phenomenon.

Testing stands in all the huge inventions that got science to the state where it is growing exponentially and took us to an era that was unimaginable a hundred years ago. Testing makes our day-to-day experiences pleasant, giving us the sense of stability and connectivity. It is part of our lives just as we all became “cyborgs” of the world, living in this big network to whom we give our identity and reputation.

Think a bit about it. After you do, watch our video in the link below. If you like it and agree, give a vote for Team RES Software. If you have other suggestions on how the world would be without testing, with our efforts combined, show to everyone how we make it a better place.