ellenTake a look at the photograph below. At quick glance you know a few things instantly: it’s a healthcare setting, there’s a patient in need, a medical team is rushing to help and time is of the essence.

When I see photos like this, my first question is, “does the medical team have a lot of time to search for and find the patient’s data?”

Ease Of Access

In clinical settings, efficient IT that works as expected – every time – is critical. IT needs to deliver quick access to systems and data without requiring busy clinicians to jump through a lot of hoops. And, because clinicians are constantly on the move, IT needs to provide this access through virtual workspaces that perform at the highest levels possible.

Patient Privacy

Take a look at the image to the right. Can’t read it? That’s OK – it doesn’t make for the most compelling reading. What you’re looking at is page one of hipaa actthe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 – one of the laws in the United States designed to help protect the privacy of patient data. Other countries have similar regulations. In Europe, with a new EU-wide data protection directive shaping up that will supersede country-specific regulations on personal health records, such regulations are becoming increasingly important.

The point here is that while IT must open up data and system access to clinicians, it also must ensure the security and privacy of patient data – no exceptions allowed. If you looked up “between a rock and hard place” in the dictionary you might find a picture of a healthcare IT team!

From a Seat at the Table . . .

In a previous post, I talked about what healthcare IT teams can do to gain the trust of the healthcare business and earn a seat at the table where decisions are made and strategy is determined. I think IT teams that can stake out stable ground between the demand for access and the need to maintain privacy have a lot of claim on that seat.

 . . . To Healthcare Superstar

But stopping there would be a shame – because you’re IT Team can really knock the socks off of the business and become a healthcare superstar. On this point, I speak from experience – because time and again I’ve seen RES customers turn things around with better healthcare IT. Here’s what some of them are saying:

“RES Software encapsulated exactly everything that we needed – control, standardization, portability, and automation.” Perry Jennings, Service Delivery Manager of Moorfields Hospital

“With RES Software we met targets to reduce login times to sub 15 seconds, delivered a consistent experience across the estate, and reduced the overhead on the IT Teams that allowed us to go to a 24×7 helpdesk.” Ward Priestman, CIO of Aintree University Hospital

“With RES Software deployed – a process that took just days to complete – the user resistance to virtual desktops has evaporated, and related technical issues have become much easier to manage.” Felix Ekpo, CIO of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

“Now that we’ve installed RES Workspace Manager we don’t get viruses, and we can fix help desk requests without moving away from our computers. That’s a beautiful thing.” George Curtis, CIO of Upson Regional Medical Center

How Do You Do It?

RES helps to transform healthcare IT by delivering:

With these capabilities in place, your IT department can deliver an automated, consistent and seamless experience with full access to systems and information while protecting the patient data. Clinicians no longer even need to think about IT. They can just go about their jobs – now able to engage more effectively with more patients. IT meanwhile, uses this automation to free up its time for more value-added activities – such as improving interoperability and identifying new technologies that will drive even higher levels of patient care and operational efficiency.

Ultimate result…you’ll be a superstar!

If you’d like to find out more about how we’re helping to develop healthcare superstars, call me at +1 800 893 7810 or visit RES at www.ressoftware.com/healthcare. Talk to you soon.