Michel RothIn a previous post, we covered improved search functionality as it relates to managed applications with RES ONE Workspace 2015. Today we’ll take a look at similar enhancements within the User Session node. Our research shows that this a place in the console where admins spend the most time, especially service/help desk employees. Therefore we added a search option across the top of this section and a checkbox at the bottom (highlighted) that allows an admin to limit the view to the first 1000 sessions as shown in the following screenshot:

search in res one workspace

When you uncheck the option, the list will be cleared and you are given the opportunity to perform a search to find the information you need about user sessions easily as shown in the following screenshot. This new functionality is available across the RES ONE Workspace 2015 Management Console, where applicable. This allows us to offer a better user experience to customers large and small.

res one workspace console empty search

Previously, unchecking this option would result in all User Sessions being fetched from the database, which could take some time in environments with thousands of users.

When first navigating to the node, an initial set of results are shown (for instance, the first 1000 user sessions) which allows customers with smaller environments to immediately find what they are looking for. For customers with a larger environments, when the initial set of results does not contain what they are looking for, they can easily perform a search.

Providing More Insight

In addition to the new search capabilities, you can now group your search results. For User Sessions dialog you can group your results in multiple ways. What’s the benefit? Let’s look at an example:

Imagine that you would like to know which versions of RES ONE Workspace Agents are in your environment and how are they distributed. All you have to do is group your search results by ‘Workspace Composer’ and you’ll get results like the one below.

RES ONE Workspace User Sessions and Versions

RES is excited to offer more advanced search capabilities across various parts of the RES ONE Workspace 2015 console. For service help desk admins, this enhacement gives faster access to important user information that can help solve challenges quickly and help users improve productivity.