LorenaCitrix Workspace Cloud Comes to Life with Partner Blueprints
As a long-standing Citrix Ready partner, RES is always looking for opportunities to help our joint customers deliver the most value to the business with their Citrix solutions by providing the most flexible and secure workspace for their workforce. Countless IT departments have been able to leverage Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop over the years to increase the mobility of workers and foster more productive and modern working scenarios.

Many customers also leverage RES workspace management technology in these environments for added personalization, security and centralized management benefits. But as today’s IT teams are constantly tasked with more demands, often without added resources, any opportunities to simplify the management of these flexible digital workspaces becomes critical. That’s just one reason Citrix is introducing its Workspace Cloud.

With Citrix Workspace Cloud, IT can still deliver that digital workspace experience that is quickly becoming a requirement in modern enterprises, while offloading the installation, setup, configuration, upgrades and monitoring. With Citrix handling a lot of the heavy lifting, IT can be up and running with their virtual environments quickly, without disruption to the employee, and focus on projects that can drive even more agility.

The Citrix Workspace Cloud aims to offer the most sophisticated workspace experience, enabling customers to extend and augment their Citrix deployments with easy access to a supportive ecosystem of partners. We at RES were thrilled when Citrix asked us to be part of the Citrix Lifecycle Management (CLM) Blueprint program and develop an automated way to easily apply RES to their Workspace Cloud environment. It’s the fastest and simplest way to deliver the benefits of desktop virtualization and workspace management to users, without the complexity.

The same advantages that our joint customers experience from adding RES to their Citrix environments ring true. It’s never been easier for Citrix customers to offer a Citrix-powered digital workspace that:

  • Has an enriched user experience with personalization that roams across any mix of physical and virtual environments
  • Improves IT’s manageability and ability simplifies what services are made available to each user in even the most complex environments
  • Leverages granular context aware policy controls to mitigate risks through access control and application security measures.

If you haven’t taken a look at the Citrix Workspace Cloud yet, make sure you check it out. We’re excited to hear our customers’ feedback around the service and how the blueprints from partners like us are empowering organizations to maximize the value of their digital workspace vision. Whether you’re looking to expand your desktop virtualization installation or scoping out a new project, Citrix Workspace Cloud with RES might be exactly what you need to quickly add value for the workforce.  Click here to have a look.