LorenaAlthough the pervasiveness of VDI never exactly met initial market expectations, we continuously work with customers who point-blank wouldn’t have met some of their strategic goals around mobility and flexible working without virtual desktops. Others have found a lot of value in the centralization and standardization that VDI offers. As Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and other vendors continue to improve and optimize their VDI offerings, enterprises actually have the opportunity to do more with VDI than in the past. In fact, Gartner predicts that on-premises desktop virtualization projects will be on the rise through 2020.

Why, then, do companies decide against VDI, or worse yet, fall victim to eternally stalled or failed projects? In talking to customers, we see three areas where the promise of VDI breaks down for organization:

The Perceived Cost of Personalization

It’s not uncommon for an IT department to overestimate the tolerance that their workforce will have for standardization. While managing a golden image is attractive to IT, many users feel the need for personalization. In many instances, once scoped, the storage requirements for persistent sessions are a deal breaker for an organization.

Poor User Acceptance

To gain favor, VDI has to -at minimum- offer no negative disruption to the workforce. Naturally, today’s workers want to witness their IT experience improve and get better. If they are facing obstacles like profile corruption, printing challenges or long log in times, can you blame them for pushing back?

Complex Hybrid Requirements

Some user types are naturally better suited for VDI. But in some instances, there can be benefits for workers that work across both virtual and physical sessions, sometimes in the course of the same day. But this only works and reaps value when that roaming experience is easy and undisruptive, and when the management of users across such hybrid environments can be centralized.

Many organizations are getting ahead of these challenges today by incorporating workspace management into their VDI plan from the get go. Others come to RES to help when it seems there is no hope for their VDI deployments. In most cases, they are pleasantly surprised.

Watch this quick video below to hear how “Dave” was able to make VDI a reality in his organization. His story might seem a little too familiar too some.