Pete DowningToday, we’re very proud to announce the availability of RES ONE Workspace 2015, Service Release 1 (SR1) which makes your goal of delivering a premier digital workspace experience regardless of device more achievable than ever.

This release,  is exciting because it extends the enhanced application security capabilities for the workspace across Windows, Mac and Linux environments, as well as provides support Windows 10.  This enables cross-platform application security and increased infrastructure visibility to improve risk mitigation and maximize workforce productivity. In parallel, this new release also gives IT more visibility in the workspace to help make more informed infrastructure decisions.

Download your copy of RES ONE Workspace SR1 from the RES Success Center today (log-in required).

With RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 you gain:

Macbook Pro smallApplication security enhancements for Windows, Linux and Mac to centrally control access policies across different devices. This latest release simplifies maintenance of file hashes and meets rigorous whitelisting and blacklisting security standards for customers including SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 hashing. For customers leveraging IBM BigFix, new integrations further improve the ability maintain hashes.


Increased visibility into the workspace and larger infrastructure environment through the new RES Viewpoint feature to drive desktop and infrastructure project decisions and maximize the data tracked and collected by RES ONE Workspace. IT can view snapshot reports of their infrastructure based on actual user activity over set periods of time.

windows 10Windows 10 support to reduce the complexity, cost and disruptions to the workforce as enterprises begin their migration to new operating system RES customers can expect the depth of workspace management capabilities for Windows 10 as offered on previous operating system versions.


Special Thanks

As always, thanks to all the team members who helped to create the release and the community who provided a lot of good suggestions (keep them coming!). As always, feel free to add comments below, reach out to the RES Product Managers or provide new ideas to the RES Success Center.