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Guest Blog by: Rob Aarts

This blog post first appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.

Today RES announced an update for RES ONE Workspace 2015, below I will cover some off the new or enhanced features in this release.


Workspace Agent for Linux and Apple OS X

RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 introduces a RES ONE Workspace Agent for Linux and Apple OS X.This new Agent supports the Managed Applications Security feature, providing the capability to allow or block executables in user sessions based on Authorized Files with MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 file hashes.


Agents for Linux and Apple OS X must be connected to a RES ONE Workspace Relay Server. Direct connection to the Datastore is not possible.

Please note that the new Agent does not support the use of Access Control on Authorized Files, and that the feature is disabled by design for the root user.

This new Agent is supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server release 11 SP3, CentOS Linux 5.11, and Apple OS X 10.8-10.11.

Microsoft Windows 10 Compatibility

RES ONE Workspace is now compatible with both x86 and x64 versions of Microsoft Windows 10. Changes have, among others, been implemented in Zone rules, Agent overview, and application shortcuts and tiles to achieve this.

New templates for Microsoft Windows 10
User Settings templates provide a good starting point when configuring global User Settings or when configuring User Settings for an application.


Microsoft Edge
Website Security has been enhanced to also support Microsoft Edge.

Improved or Enhanced functionality

Use Date and Time as new principle!

A very cool new and long-awaited personal feature request is live now!! you now can schedule ahead of time when configurations or objects become available or unavailable.

Example 1:
You want a specific command or setting to be activated only in the weekend because off an active maintenance window.

Example 2
You want to activate or deactivate an application on a specific date/time.

Screen Saver:
Enhanced functionality to turn screen saver off
The screen saver can now be explicitly turned off. This option can be useful to, for example, turn the screen saver off for a specific workspace container.

Enhanced performance when new Agent connects to a Relay Server

Logon process enhanced:
The logon process of RES ONE Workspace sessions has been enhanced to improve the reliability of loading the taskbar and desktop icons.

Applications: https:// entries in Notifications become hyperlinks
At Composition > Applications, on the Properties > Notifications tab of an application, when editing a notification, an https:// entry will now also become a hyperlink when saving the notification. Previously, only http:// entries would become a hyperlink. The hyperlinks are also available in the user sessions.

Splash screen enhancements
For Execute Command actions that contain %script% in the Command line, some enhancements have been made to the splash screen that is displayed in user sessions when the Execute Command is applied.
Now, the Administrative note of the Execute Command action is displayed in the splash screen. If the Administrative note is too long for the splash screen, “…” is displayed for the remaining text. If no Administrative note is available for the Execute Command action, the text “Execute Command” is displayed in the splash screen.

Lockdown & Behavior:
New option “Hide “Pin to Start Menu” in Workspace Preferences”
At Composition > Desktop > Lockdown and Behavior, in the Personalization by end user section, the option Hide “Pin to Start Menu” in Workspace Preferences has been added.

Microsoft System Center:
New option “Allow action outside maintenance window”
When adding Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager software distributions, it is now possible to deploy applications in the user workspace outside the maintenance window that was specified on the Microsoft System Center Configuration Management Server for the Device Collection. Please note that this is only possible when adding a software distribution for deployment of applications.

Note: When upgrading to RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1, for existing Microsoft ConfigMgr software distributions deploying applications, the option Allow action outside maintenance window is not selected. For newly added software distributions to deploy applications, the new option will be selected by default.

Final note:
When installing this release, if the Data store is of a lower revision level, it will automatically be updated.

Drivers AppGuard, ImgGuard, NetGuard, RegGuard and RESNFLT will be updated by installing this release. a reboot will be required after the implementation off this release.

As always there are a lot off fixes in this release, check the RES Success Center to download this new release

If you have a question, comment,  compliment or suggestion, let me know.

Thanks for reading,
Rob Aarts