ransomCyber-security threats are on the rise and if you are not seeing the increased awareness, you might be living in a black hole. From breaking news like the latest this week where a  Los Angeles Hospital paid $17,000 to a hacker to regain control of patient records (a new trend known as ransomware) to pop culture trends with television shows dedicated to cyber-crimes – cyber security is the buzz of 2016.

In January, RES announced enhanced capabilities around our application black and whitelisting support with our RES ONE Workspace SR2 release. Then last week we introduced capabilities in RES ONE Service Store that can make the implementation of application security game changing – for the end user.

Here is why. One of the greatest barriers to successfully deploying application whitelisting, which is one of the most secure ways to ward of cyber-attacks, is that it can be perceived as restricting workers access and ability to work. Whitelisting blocks unauthorized software, including malware, from being installed and executed. However, one of the top concerns is how can workers easily get new applications approved and added to the whitelist.

With RES ONE Service Store, workers can now easily go into a self-service portal and submit a request for an executable to be reviewed and added directly to the security team. Through automation, the submission of a new file can be reviewed automatically alerting a security expert if the file is safe or not. If deemed safe, a security expert can easily approve the application directly on their mobile device when alerted that the request came in and tests were passed. This whole process can streamline a manual process which in some organization takes days to minutes depending on the time it takes to scan the file.

Don’t believe me that it is possible?
How To Video: Check out this video and see how easy it can be with RES!