heroWhether we like it or not, Windows 10 is here and your users eventually will come asking: “When are we going to be allowed to run Windows 10?” Two things are probably going through your mind…

  1. How the heck am I going to control and create a secured Windows 10 endpoint but still give my users the ‘Digital Workspace’ they want?
  2. How can I ensure a consistent experience across all my endpoints, even if some of my users are running Windows 10?

According to the latest figures from Net Applications, Windows 10 has surpassed the 10 percent mark of market share and adoption continues to grow. To enhance this growth, Microsoft plans to make Windows 10 a “recommended update” so that Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users are enticed to install it on their home devices. Luckily RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 can help make Windows 10 a welcomed addition to your IT arsenal, enabling you to focus on the user and become an ‘IT Hero’!

Let’s explore how RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 can help ease your worries about moving to Windows 10:

  • Advanced user profile management enables a seamless migration, so your user’s personalized settings, IT’s mandated settings, and applications with their settings are easily transitioned from Windows 7, while controlling some of the new Windows 10 settings and offering full tile management over the new start menu.
  • Context awareness enables Windows 10 to detect and adapt automatically to real-time conditions such as location, wireless access points, time, device, identity and more, for granular access control and optimized workspaces for mobile workers. You can automatically provide the right services, to the right user, at the right time and place on Windows 10.
  • Adaptive security through access management to protect your Windows 10 endpoints from internal threats and vulnerabilities by restricting access to apps, data, network, websites and removable storage based on granular context rules. For added defense, render all local drives read-only with a single click.
  • Adaptive app security through dynamic privileges that allow you to elevate or restrict access rights to applications, installations and control panel applets to limit and protect local administrators.
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting support on Windows 10, including sophisticated file hash capabilities, giving you the tightest controls around application access to prevent malware from entering your organization.

gifOver the coming weeks, RES will highlight each of these capabilities in detail with video and technical blogs. As a bit of a sneak peak, in talking with IT administrators, one concern is how they will manage the new ‘Windows 10 Store’

The goal is simple… Empower IT to improve the experience and productivity of their customers – the workforce – with lower IT costs and better security. RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1 can simplify the migration to Windows 10 for IT without impacting the user helping make Windows 10 a reality in your enterprise and make you an ‘IT Hero’!