What this article is about

This article will describe the way we handle the choices between starting a published application or instead starting the application local. And what to do when the local application is a Microsoft App-V 5.x application and Just in Time delivery is enabled (Package delivery mode is configured) and there is no local application available, yet.


Imagine your RDS servers are heavily loaded and you want to offload your RDS server environment. You happen to have RES ONE Workspace running also on your laptops, FAT clients and / or VDI’s, but for specific reasons several applications will not be installed locally. Instead, these applications are configured to start a published application from the RDS servers.

To offload your RDS server environment, the organization decides to allow these published applications to be made available on your devices.

Configure Publishing

Within RES ONE Workspace this can be achieved by setting the option “Do not pass through if application is available on local computer”.



Within the managed application, on the Properties > Publishing > Citrix XenApp Publishing Application > Settings tab, press the Settings button.


On the Behavior tab, select the “Do not passthrough if application is available on local computer”.

Once done, local available applications can be started. That is, when they are available.

How to make applications available locally

Of course, you can add these applications to your master image for laptops, desktops or VDI’s.
But what if the laptops are not in, desktops can’t be just deployed again and the central storage can’t afford the growth of disk space when the VDI’s receive all these applications up front?
A good solution would be to use RES ONE Automation to deploy these applications to all laptops and / or desktops with a single task. The applications can be made available on selected devices and will be available before the user starts them, so the user doesn’t have to wait for Just in Time delivery.

Can RES ONE Workspace help you?

If you don’t have RES ONE Automation or when you don’t want the Microsoft App-V 5.x applications to be deployed up front, is there an alternative? Yes there is. With RES ONE Workspace you can make these applications available too. No scripting or complex solutions, just enable the ‘Package delivery mode’ to configure the deployment of the Microsoft App-V 5.x application and follow the instructions. The only prerequisite of course is that Microsoft App-V 5.x client is installed locally.
‘Package delivery mode’ for Just in Time delivery of a Microsoft App-V 5.x application is not new to RES ONE Workspace. What’s new, is that as of RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1, we can deploy these Microsoft App-V 5 applications even when the managed application is configured in combination with our Citrix Publishing option.

What’s new?


Until now, even when a managed application was correctly configured with Microsoft App-V 5 integration enabled, Package delivery mode set up, Publishing enabled and the Microsoft App-V 5.x client available on the agent, this configuration would still result in a launch of the published application.

As of RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1, in this situation, when the Package delivery mode is enabled and we detect that the Microsoft App-V 5.x client is available, we will deliver the package first, before we perform the detection of the application on the local device. This way the local application will be started instead of the published application, as desired.



As a matter of fact, Package delivery mode does not necessarily have to be enabled for the application to be launched locally instead of remote.

When the managed application shows Microsoft App-V 5 integration, and in Configuration > Actions an external command is configured with the option Run outside the bubble, and the Microsoft App-V 5.x client is installed, the Microsoft App-V 5 application will also be deployed first and launched locally.

Exception to the rule

To complete this topic, there is always an exception possible.
Within the managed application, on the Properties > Publishing > Citrix XenApp Publishing Application > Settings tab, click on the Settings button. On the Behavior tab, there is an option called Passthrough anyway.


When you enable this option and configure a Zone, the devices that apply to this zone are excluded from the local execution route. In the example above, devices that are in the Finance Laptops Zone will be forced to always launch the published application even when the application is available locally.


As of RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR1, when a user starts a Managed Application with Publishing enabled, Microsoft App-V 5.x will be taken in account. When the published application is allowed to start the local application when available, we will deploy the Microsoft App-V 5.x application first. Then the Just in Time delivered local virtual application will be started.