Today, we’re very proud to announce the availability of RES ONE Workspace 2015, Service Release 2 (SR2).

At RES, we’re always combining customer feedback with looking ahead to the challenges that we know our customers will be facing. We’re constantly adding functionality to our products based on this knowledge, and RES ONE Workspace SR2 is no exception. We’ve loaded it with features that help IT mitigate risks, explore new cloud technologies and improve overall productivity.

We’re excited to show you how this release extends support around security and cloud readiness while enabling cross-platform app security. This release also provides infrastructure visibility to help you mitigate risk from security threats and helps you to maximize the productivity of your workforce. Let’s take a look at each of these areas more closely.

Simplifying Endpoint Security

Many of our customers have been leveraging our app whitelisting technology to protect their organizations. When we introduced hash based whitelisting, that took their security to the next level. But for many organizations, maintaining these file hash based whitelists can be a daunting challenge. That’s why in SR2 we have introduced a companion tool known as RES File Hash Monitor which allows the ability to automate importing and updating the authorized files and file hash list in RES ONE Workspace. File Hash Monitor’s primary focus is to simplify security whitelisting when deploying new applications manually (storing them in a local folder or UNC fileshare) or via a third party tool, such as Microsoft System Center or IBM BigFix, eliminating the need to manually configure distributed applications in the RES ONE Workspace Management Console.


Another way we are making it easier for customers to protect their environments is by making it possible for them to export application security and removable disk security log files in XML format for easy importing into security event and incident management tools, so customers can maximize the visibility offered by RES in their existing tools.


End-User Digital Workspace Productivity

Additionally, we’re happy to announce support for Office 2016, allowing enterprises to get the same great support for user settings, templates and more in the latest version of Office. IT can better manage the productivity suite and make the move to Office 2016 without disrupting users.


Parallel we also have full support for Email management and signature management for Microsoft Office 2016 further simplifying your adoption and easing the migration.


You asked and we listened! We’ve also added the ability for IT to use application close as a trigger. Now, in the same way that IT can manage a set of actions (drive mapping, set registry, etc) with a script at application launch, they can clear those same actions at application end.


Enabling Cloud-based Technologies

In SR2, we are also introducing support from Azure RemoteApp. As enterprises investigate Application-as-a-Service delivery models, RES will join them on their journey. Customers can manage Azure cloud apps alongside other physical and virtual apps and deliver them seamlessly to a user’s digital workspace.

SR2BlogMicroAzureThis is just a glimpse at some of the enhancements available to customers in SR2. Over the next few weeks we’ll detail more of the capabilities. For customers with active SA, they can download SR2 today from the RES Success Center.

Ease the Migration Pain to Windows 10

Migration to Windows 10? No problem… RES ONE Workspace SR2 continues to empower IT to improve the experience and productivity of their customers – the workforce – with lower IT costs and better security. RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR2 can simplify the migration to Windows 10 for IT without impacting the user helping make Windows 10 a reality in your enterprise and making you an ‘IT Hero’! RES’s advanced user profile management enables a seamless migration, so your user’s personalized settings, IT’s mandated settingSr2BlogWindows10s, and applications with their settings are easily transitioned from Windows 7, while controlling some of the new Windows 10 settings and offering full tile management over the new start menu.

Special Thanks

As always, thanks to all the team members who helped to create the release and the community who provided a lot of good suggestions (keep them coming!). As always, feel free to add comments below, reach out to the RES Product Managers or provide new ideas to the RES Success Center.