We recently announced a new partnership with TOPdesk, a provider of ITIL-based service management software to organizations around the world. We are excited to also announce that a new RES ONE Automation Connector is available to our mutual customers as a result of our new partnership.

The RES ONE Automation Connector for TOPdesk enables service desk administrators to deliver RES ONE Service Store services to create and manage first-line incident calls. This allows administrators to either provide their end users with the ability to create, update and check the status of a ticket directly from the RES ONE Service Store portal or automatically generate tickets as of a part of a user service request. By integrating TOPdesk and RES solutions, you can improve service delivery and drive efficiencies for your IT organization.

Empower the workforce with RES ONE Service Store self service

Utilize the powerful automation functionality and Service Store workflows to make it possible for users to open, close and update tickets in the TOPdesk Incident Management system. Administrators can easily view all logged activity from within the TOPdesk console.


After the user opens a new ticket they have the ability to review the status, provide additional input if required and even close the ticket if the administrator wishes to configure the service workflow in that manner.


Automate manual processes with RES ONE Automation

Service desk administrators have the ability to publish services that solve common user issues such as password reset or computer configuration. The service desk may already have scripts or step-by-step resolution for these issues. Using RES ONE Automation these scripts or “how to” documents are used as the basis of new modules and runbooks that are triggered as a self-service requested service via the RES ONE Service Store. When the user requests the service, a TOPdesk ticket is automatically created. After the completion of the service, the ticket is updated with the job status and closed if the service was successfully delivered. Automatic ticket creation and updating allows the service desk to track frequency of common issues and provide consistent remediation. All information is logged in TOPdesk and easily retrieved through TOPdesk reports.


About the RES ONE Automation Connector for TOPdesk

The RES ONE Automation Connector for TOPdesk can be found on the RES Success Center as a single downloadable msi. Within the download, you will find:

RES ONE Automation tasks

  • Create TOPdesk Incident
  • Update TOPdesk Incident
  • List TOPdesk Incident
  • Get Details TOPdesk Incident

Quick Start Guide

  • Overview
  • System requirements
  • Use cases

Sample RES ONE Automation modules and runbooks

  • Show usage for each task

Sample RES ONE Service Store service

  • Basic services to help customers jumpstart their service delivery

RES ONE Automation help

  • Selecting F1 from the task window provides detailed help section on configuring the automation task


After installing the Connector, administrators can use the sample modules to quickly begin building their specific RES ONE Automation modules and runbooks and then include those runbooks in their own Service Store workflows or utilize the RES ONE Service Store sample included with the Connector. The default installation directory for building blocks is: C:\Users\<<user>>\Documents\RES ONE Automation Packs\TOPdesk.

The Connector tasks were designed to be as flexible as possible. The IT administrator is not locked into a predefined set of values they can set when creating or updating an incident. The creation of the incident is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements for their TOPdesk instance. The TOPdesk automation tasks allow administrators to use a custom data envelop to include the values retrieved or passed to the TOPdesk incident management system that are relevant to their business. Refer to the online help for full details on how to properly configure the data envelope. 



RES ONE Automation Connector for TOPdesk can extend service delivery with self-service and automated delivery of apps and services to each person’s secure digital workspace. This really gives your workforce a single access point and first-level remediation of common IT issues alongside physical, virtual, mobile and cloud services available to the business.

One important thing to remember is that not only can RES help with user requests, but IT can automate many daily activities with increased control and better security and compliance, laying the foundation for IT as a Service.

Want to learn more? Visit our RES ONE Automation Connectors web page or download the RES ONE Automation Connector for TOPdesk on the RES Success Center.