If you are looking to extend the Nutanix capabilities for an improved digital workspace with intuitive provisioning, self-service and security – look no further than RES ONE Automation Connector for Nutanix. RES customers can now seamlessly integrate RES solutions with Nutanix technologies to enhance the user experience and ease application and desktop virtualization deployments.

With RES, you benefit from streamlined processes with automated provisioning and de-provisioning of applications and services both within and outside of the Nutanix environment. This includes the provisioning and deployment of virtual machines to users via a self-service portal, based on an organization’s policies. IT can also automate the return of virtual resources based on policy-driven workflows and allow users to modify virtual machine resources based on predefined criteria.

Empower the workforce with RES ONE Service Store self service
Utilize the powerful automation functionality and RES ONE Service Store workflows to make it possible for users to create and manage Nutanix Acropolis (AHV) virtual machines. Administrators can control the resources provisioned and the number of virtual machines through RES ONE Service Store workflow policies. Optional automatic return of virtual machines is possible to ensure computing resources are not wasted. Depending on policy, the user may have the ability to select the device configuration and operating system or have predefined configurations offered via the RES ONE Service Store.

The extensive list of new RES ONE Automation tasks provides the foundation to customize workflows to meet customer’s unique needs:


Virtual machine management: Users need the flexibility to adjust their Nutanix-provisioned resources to meet their computing requirements. With RES ONE Service Store and RES ONE Automation, modifications can be made automatically without intervention by IT, while still enforcing IT policies on who may have access and which resources they may request. Then, when the resource is no longer required, the user can proactively cancel the device through the easy-to-use self-service portal.



Power management: Nutanix administrators can set up reoccurring automation jobs to optimize available host resources by powering off non-essential virtual machines. The user may use the self-service portal to power cycle unresponsive virtual machines or shut down unneeded machines.

Snapshot management: Providing users the ability to create and manage their own virtual machine snapshots while still controlling the number and retention of these snapshots. Administrators can utilize these same automation tasks automatically to snapshot essential virtual machines prior to software updates or patch management.

Automate manual processes with RES ONE Automation
Nutanix administrators can leverage RES ONE Automation built-in provisioning tasks along with the Nutanix connector to build runbooks that not only provision the virtual machine, but automate the setup and configuration of virtual servers and desktops. For example, provisioning and configuring a SQL server may require multiple steps that involve IT staff either manually setting configurations or running multiple custom scripts. RES ONE Automation could provision a standard Windows server from a machine template, install all required software and configure IT policies from a single runbook without manual intervention.


About the RES ONE Automation Connector for Nutanix
The RES ONE Automation Connector for Nutanix can be found on the RES Success Center as a single downloadable msi. Within the download, you will find:

RES ONE Automation tasks:


Quick Start Guide: Overview, System requirements, Use cases

Sample RES ONE Automation modules and runbooks: Shows usage for each task

Sample RES ONE Service Store service: Basic services to help customers jumpstart their service delivery

RES ONE Automation help: Selecting F1 from the task window provides a detailed help section on configuring the automation task:


After installing the Connector, administrators can use the sample modules to quickly begin building their specific RES ONE Automation modules and runbooks, and then include those runbooks in their own RES ONE Service Store workflows or utilize the RES ONE Service Store sample included with the Connector. The default installation directory for building blocks is: C:\Users\<<user>>\Documents\RES ONE Automation Packs\Nutanix.

RES ONE Automation Connector for Nutanix automates the deployment of Nutanix infrastructure, enables IT to automate service delivery and provides flexibility for users to request and manage virtual machine resources while maintaining department policies and controls via RES ONE Service Store workflows.

One important thing to remember is that not only can RES help with user requests, but IT can automate many daily activities with increased control and better security and compliance, laying the foundation for IT as a Service.

Want to learn more? Visit our RES ONE Automation Connectors web page or download the RES ONE Automation Connector for Nutanix on the RES Success Center.


*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.