The RES ONE Service Store 2016 Feature Release 1 (FR1) is now available for download on the RES Success Center.  This release provides a variety of new features that improve the usability and overall security for our customers. Many of the new capabilities found in this release are directly from UserVoice submissions and are labeled below.

Here is an overview of the key features you will find:

Global Attributes – USER VOICE FEATURE

Streamline the process of storing information that is shared across the RES ONE Service Store environment with the new Global Attributes data model. This reduces the need for redundant attributes and enables you to manage services such as credentials and infrastructure settings more efficiently.  In addition, Global Attributes allow data sharing across people and services to simplify service delivery and configuration.


Task Delegation – USER VOICE FEATURE

Allow users to delegate tasks to another user directly from the web portal. This is useful if users are unable to take action. For example, if they are absent from work. By delegating tasks such as approvals or providing additional information, services won’t be delayed and SLAs can be met.


Dynamic Workflow Actors – USER VOICE FEATURE

Insert placeholders and/or functions in your workflow so the system will dynamically determine the correct person to which they apply at service delivery. When the workflow action is executed, these placeholders and functions will then resolve into a specific value. For example, the approver can be dynamically determined at service delivery based on the app or service owner.


Date Attributes – USER VOICE FEATURE

Utilize the new date attribute in your workflow when a date needs to be provided and time is not vital. For example, things that occur on the same day each year such as a date of hire date or birth date. In the Web Portal, users can then provide this date with a date picker to ensure a consistent format.

ross-fr1-2016-img-5Password Reset Flexibility

Configure password complexity policies based on regular expressions and mark them as complete to the end user in real time. This provides added security and ensures that passwords provided by your users meet the requirements of your organization.


A big thank you to the RES development team for this new release of RES ONE Service Store. I invite you to check out the RES ONE Service Store 2016 FR1 release notes for the complete list of new features and fixes.

ross-fr1-2016-img-3We continue to add rich features to the RES ONE Service Store based on customer and partner feedback. Be sure that you are sharing your thoughts and new ideas on UserVoice so we can continue to add features that improve our solution. If you have any feedback or questions about this release or a previous release, please contact us through the RES Success Center.

*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.