RES, Citrix and Nutanix have become quite a technology trifecta for many of our customers. And, while RES may be best known for adding much needed personalization, security and context aware capabilities to digital workspaces, we also have powerful automation capabilities that are allowing enterprises to get even more value out of their hyperconverged infrastructure and virtual desktops.

Earlier this year we released a connector that enables IT to simplify the creation and management of Nutanix Acropolis (AHV) virtual machines. RES enables end-users to request Nutanix virtual machines and then automates the delivery and return of those machines. For added value, RES can also automate the modification and canceling of Nutanix compute resources.

Since then, we continue to find more use cases where customers want to leverage RES to maximize their investment in Nutanix. Pair that with our long-standing partnership with Citrix, and it’s no surprise that we often get asked to help optimize the process of creating Citrix and Nutanix environments. Although many enterprises see the value in running Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on Nutanix hyperconvered infrastructure, they do run into the somewhat challenging task of adding Nutanix AHV virtual machines to Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS). Luckily, RES can help and ultimately empower IT to get the most of the Citrix and Nutanix capabilities. Take a look at the video below to see the integration in action:

*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.