Here at RES, the Product Management team is often blown away by how our partners, consultants and customers use our software products. We love to see our technology used in wayres_ready_partnerships that we’d never dreamt of – and believe me, we come up with some pretty extreme use cases ourselves. An essential part of our business is our Strategic Partnerships, and to that end we launched our RES Ready program a couple of months ago.

Since day one of RES back in 1999, we have believed that integrating with, and leveraging technologies that our partners have already invested in and have spent time and money rolling out is the way to go. So our mantra is don’t rip and replace but instead embrace what is already there, and use our Automation tools to get it working harder and more efficiently for you.

A couple of years ago, we started building out a new team in RES – the Integration Team. This small but well-formed group of talented people headed up by my good friend and colleague Matt Kwiecinski are responsible for building out our Connectors, which you can find here.

In a short time period, they have built Connectors so that we can easily integrate our products with a lot of the technologies we are finding out in the field. So far they have built Connectors for BMC, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, MobileIron, Nutanix, ServiceNow,, TOPdesk and VMware.

This list is getting bigger all the time, and our Leadership Team 100% agrees that this is the strategy that works for us! A lot of our partners and consultants are building their own connectors, and we are frequently impressed with the work they are doing. We want to recognise this effort and over time we will be doing some exciting activities to make this effort more visible – and give credit where credit is due. So watch this space for more news in the coming months!

We have been working with Roel van Bueren over asetupcommandert ROVABU Software who shares many customers and partners as we do with his product Setup Commander. Setup Commander is popular in Healthcare and Education as well as in the Enterprise space, and if you have not come across it yet, I suggest you head over to their site and check it out. Setup Commander is an awesome way to help you deploy applications quickly, easily and with the tweaks and customisations that you need.

Take all the stuff you usually do with Adobe Acrobat Reader after the install as an example… don’t automatically check for updates, set the spell check for UK English (at least I do) change the measurement units from Inches to Centimeters, turn on the page rules, set the page view for Single Page, set the zoom to fit width. Now think about all the applications that you customise in this way: Adobe AIR, Adobe Shockwave, Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime, Citrix Receiver, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, VMware Workstation to name just a few by looking at my own Start Menu!!!

I know a really amazing product that you could use to deploy these packages (queue the shameless plug) – RES ONE Automation allows you to install and maintain your apps among many, many other things.res_one_automation But, it can be a real pain to head off to all the sites collecting the MSI files and Setup.exe files before you create your masterpiece of a build.

It then takes even longer to read all the documentation, or spend countless hours on the forums discovering the switches and tweaks that you need to do in order to customise your install, and get the applications installed and working in the way you want. Well – Roel has also been there and done that, which is why he founded ROVABU Software. His ethos is why should every sysadmin need to do exactly the same thing as their peers. Sure, every organisation is different, but when it comes to the mundane, day-to-day tasks that actually consume MOST of our time, essentially we are all doing the same as each other. Roel and his team have done the work, so you don’t have to! Setup Commander has a huge repository of the applications that we all use PLUS it is maintained every single day. So when you need to update to the latest and greatest version of  Adobe Acrobat Reader and all the installation switches have changed, you don’t have to worry about it. AMAZING!thumbs_up

Now let’s take that one stage further and put a nice button in the product which, when pushed will automagically create a set of building blocks and resources, then import them into the Console of your most Favorite IT Task Automation tool.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I am massively biased because I have been playing with RES products for eleven years, but to me this marriage of technology is an absolute no brainer. Roel has kindly created a cool video which shows you how Setup Commander and RES ONE Automation can work seamlessly together to make your life easier – check it out. And in the meantime my friends – Keep Automating! You all know that it’s the only way we’re gonna survive out there.

*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.