The driving force behind our partnership with Tech Mahindra is the great value customers can realize through a RES and Tech Mahindra Workspace as a Service (WaaS) integration.


The WaaS platform is built from a wealth of technologies, providing centralized management of the entire virtual desktop infrastructure. Dedicated, pooled or shared virtual desktops and virtual applications are available anytime, anywhere from any device. WaaS will support your hybrid implementations with advanced analytics and metering functionality.

Every organization has different needs and requirements, so a solution should adapt to varying devices, operating systems and networks. The fact is that virtual desktops deliver great value, but sometimes organizations struggle to deliver a cost effective infrastructure for their environment. End user acceptance becomes the key to success with any VDI project, and the projects require a consistent user experience, regardless of platform.

Integrating RES into the WaaS offering enables users to experience consistency across hybrid environments and changing OS or VDI platforms. RES delivers a secure, context-aware digital workspace to the end users. Users can be enabled with role-based provisioning of services and through self-service that goes far beyond the typical app portal, fulfilling virtually any conceivable user need through service workflows. RES also provides the automation framework that ties the components together, delivering powerful run book automation to desktops and servers.

Let’s take a closer look into how RES can integrate with WaaS to accommodate the exact needs of the customer. To note: RES is not all or nothing, our flexibility allows functionality to be added or removed to align with delivery requirements.

  • Automated service delivery – The Tech Mahindra WaaS IT Store delivers services and applications to end users based on the user’s role within the organization. As user roles change, legacy services should be returned and newly required services are delivered. In this scenario, RES can automatically deliver services to the end user, based on roles and qualification. The RES portal provides a user-friendly interface where users can request applications, hardware, cloud services and more. Applications are then delivered through workflow based on the users’ qualifications of what they are allowed and not allowed to access
  • Streamlined desktop management – The WaaS Desktop is the core of the solution and what makes it so dynamic. Traditional Desktops have served us well, but they are difficult for IT departments to manage. The concept of VDI is very strong, but due to implementation challenges and poor user adoption, many virtual desktop projects fail. Enter the WaaS solution, where RES helps deliver a dynamic and secure digital workspace to users. Using an extensive context-aware ruleset, unique security policies and configuration settings can be allocated. RES will detect a change (for example, the user’s location) and reevaluate and reapply settings on the fly. This enables the customization of the workspace, allowing for the creation of new context triggers for access or personalized experiences, such as icons appearing on the
  • Secure application provisioning – With RES, the WaaS solution can make applications available in a number of ways based on context rules. Security rules are dynamic and change based on the user’s context. Easily restrict access to an application based on the user’s location and determine how you want to deliver an application (local, XenApp, App-V, etc.) based on the user’s context. An approval process can be added for new requests. Workflows are fully customizable so applications can be delivered for a specific period of time (eg. Visio for 7 days). Once the period expires, the return is triggered automatically, ensuring license compliance. 
  • Dynamic desktop resource provisioning – RES can be leveraged to request and provision WaaS desktop resources. As a user’s needs change over time, they can request additional memory, processors, storage, etc. for their WaaS workspace. With the combination of Self-Service and Automation, the request can be executed immediately, triggering an automation run book to complete the required changes with no human interaction.


Integrating RES with WaaS can have a big impact on user experience by way of a consistent workspace across multiple devices and platforms. Self service enables every user, allowing them to achieve what would normally require a call to the IT service desk.  At the same time, you can improve security with the ability to centrally manage a scalable number of context-aware digital workspaces, automatically adapting access based on an employee’s context.

Working in conjunction with RES, WaaS can address many common issues that would typically require service desk involvement. Fewer service desk calls results in lower cost and less time spent resolving common issues, allowing IT to better utilize their resources.

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*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.