Today we have released RES ONE Identity Director (formerly known as RES ONE Service Store) available for download on RES ONE Success Center. RES ONE Identity Director provides an flexible approach to identity and access with automated provisioning, workflows and self service.

This release provides a variety of new features that improve usability, visibility and overall security for our customers. Many of the new capabilities found in this release are directly from UserVoice submissions and are labeled below.

Here is an overview of the key features you will find:

New End User Self Service Portal & API – USER VOICE FEATURE

RES ONE Identity Director introduces a new modern, streamlined self service portal to improve overall use and is optimized for productivity based on the feedback we have captured from customers and partners (yes the green check box is gone!). Within the new end user portal, RES enables workers to make requests such as access to network resources, physical assets, groups and distribution lists based on what they are entitled or qualified for based on the attributes of their identity or their current roles. Changes you will see with this new UI include:

  • Consolidated interface where users can make self service requests, review messages and view status details.
  • New out-of-the box branding and labeling self service as My Store and changing what was formerly known as service panels to Delegated Administration. As a reminder, delegated administration will allow users or line of business owners to request access on behalf of another person or group or assign access to an app or service to a group of users or individuals.
  • Enhanced filter and search including a folder view allowing end users to quickly navigate through services and apps by category verse long list.

For some, it might be even more exciting to know that the entire new UI has been built leveraging the Mobile Gateway which is a public API. This will make it easier for customers and partners to utilize RES workflows, automation and reporting in conjunction with an existing service catalog or end user portal to get the most out of their current investments.

Built-In Reporting – USER VOICE FEATURE

With the latest release of RES ONE Enterprise we have introduced reporting across the platform. Each product will ship with its own set of initial out-of-the box reports but more importantly a data warehouse with ETL on top where data can be accessed in 3rd party analytics and BI tools. The initial set of reports for RES ONE Identity Director are focusing on the quality of service delivery over a historical period of time. Through reports and filtering administrators will have greater visibility to verify if SLAs are met with workflow execution reports focusing on service delivery summaries, maximum amount of time to deliver a service and much more. The dashboard itself highlights 3 standard reports for:

  • Most Unpredictable Services
  • Most Returned Services
  • Most Delivered Services


RES ONE Identity Director has added a new administrative function in the management portal for attribute masking. This new data masking technique conceals sensitive or personal data so that only those with proper qualifications or reason can view the personal data (for example, answers to password reset questions, salary information and social security numbers). This ensures that privacy is preserved, security controls are enforced and compliance with data protection regulations is maintained.

You can leverage this new feature by using the new role under administrator setup and turn on ‘Attribute Value Visibility’. By default this is turned on so any data masked a new administrator will not see unless the role has been turned on then the data will become visible.

Versioning of Services – USER VOICE FEATURE

We have added service versioning to RES ONE Identity Director which tracks changes made to a service including the workflow for streamlined management of processes and the added visibility into what changes have been made and who has made the changes. Versions will be automatically incremented within RES ONE Identity Director.

Cascading Organizations

We have improved how organizational structures can be created for end users requesting services by enabling a step by step pick list for organizational structure that will allow administrators to select a minimum, maximum or leaf style pick lists. This offers a more simplistic way to represent information to an end user when multiple inputs.

New RES inter-product IntegrationUSER VOICE FEATURE

As we introduce RES ONE Enterprise we are also introducing new features that create a better unified experience by allowing seamless access across the Management Portals. In this latest release of RES ONE Identity Director you can now more easily troubleshoot by clicking on any ‘failed task’ and immediately be taken to RES ONE Automation. These minor details not only create that seamless experience for the administrator but reduce time to troubleshoot. May sound small but I received a standing ovation during our RES’ internal technical summit for this feature!

As a final reminder don’t forget about the mobile app for RES ONE Identity Director which has been re-branded and is available for workers who want to easily view, request, approve and manage available corporate apps and services from iOS and Android devices. Not only can they manage their own requests, but manager can request apps and services on behalf of their workers based on policy.

A big thank you to the RES development team for this new release of RES ONE Identity Director. I invite you to check out the RES ONE Identity Director 10.0 release notes for the complete list of new features and fixes.

We continue to add rich features to the RES ONE Identity Director based on customer and partner feedback. Be sure that you are sharing your thoughts and new ideas on UserVoice so we can continue to add features that improve our solution. If you have any feedback or questions about this release or a previous release, please contact us through the RES Success Center.

*Following the launch of RES ONE Enterprise on February 21, 2017, RES ONE Service Store is now RES ONE Identity Director and RES ONE Suite is now RES ONE Enterprise.