We are very excited to announce the release of RES Hub to enable faster RES deployment and integration with other technology solutions across security, cloud governance and compliance projects.

The entire RES technical community has unlimited access to content on the RES Hub. Extend out-of-the-box capabilities using community building blocks and samples – existing content can get you up and running quick or use it as a starting point that you customize to meet your requirements. To further maximize the value of existing infrastructure investments, use the connectors to integrate with third-party technologies such as enterprise mobility management, IT Service Management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, SaaS applications and more.

Welcome to the RES Hub

Benefits of RES Hub:

  • Unlimited community access to repeatableintegrations, samples and best practices
  • Increased security controls, but not at the expense of productivity
  • Quick time to value with RES capability implementations and deployments
  • Widespread system integration brings unlimited return on investment
  • Configure RES to meet your governance and compliance initiatives

Content types

The RES Hub greatly expands the ability for members of the technical community to utilize what others have done and apply best practices to their own projects. There is no reason to start from scratch when you can build on an existing foundation that is already there for optimal efficiency and value. Here is the type of content you can expect to find on the RES Hub:

  • Building blocks – export or import building blocks as an easy way to share RES workflows, processes, tasks and more with the RES technical community. These packages are a flexible way to utilize work that has already been done or build on it for consistency and to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Samples – utilize samples to extend RES capabilities beyond the built-in capabilities. Use samples exactly as they were designed or repurposed to meet a different need. For example, attestation reporting or risk scoring samples could support an existing governance or compliance initiative.
  • Connectors – integrate RES with other data sources and third-party technologies to maximize your existing investments – including enterprise mobility management, IT service management, virtualization and cloud provisioning, PC lifecycle management, SaaS apps, and more.

RES Hub Utility Packages

Finding content is easy. The Hub Package Gallery is fully searchable using both keyword or tag search and several predefined filters for RES ONE Enterprise Product, Content, Certification and Solution type let you find the relevant content quickly.

Content Certifications

To help members of the RES technical community navigate the content found on the Hub, there are three types of certification:

  • RES Ready – leverage a portfolio of RES Ready connecters that are built and supported by RES. These connectors can be used by any RES customer looking to expand efficiency and productivity though the integration of key systems.
  • RES Verified – take advantage of various community connectors, building blocks and samples that have been verified by RES. These packages have been certified and tested by RES to ensure that they work as described so you can download with confidence.
  • Community – utilize the vast amount of content that has been shared by members of the RES technical community. Find ideas to expanding RES beyond the out-of-the box capabilities and jump start the deployment in your own environment.

Tools for the Technical Community

Packaging up existing content and downloading content from the RES Hub is not a manual, error-prone process. We wanted customers have an easy way to consume and share content, so we have provided two tools to simplify the process:

  • Installer – install connectors, building blocks and samples directly from the RES Hub into the RES environment. This ensures content is being properly installed and automates the process, eliminating the potential for human error when it comes to unpackaging content.
  • Packager – build packages of connectors, building blocks and samples that are RES Hub compliant. The packaging tool simplifies the process for you and ensures all the required information is contained in the package you are looking to contribute.


Because of the open and transparent nature of the RES Hub, visitors have limitless opportunity to interact and share with others in the RES technical community. Provide feedback, rate and review your favorite packages and leverage what others are saying to get an indication of the value and quality of the content. Go to the RES Hub today and check out the possibilities with RES: https://hub.res.com.