Today I am pleased to announce that the latest release of RES ONE Identity Director is available for download on RES Success Center. This release continues to build on the momentum created with RES ONE Identity Director 10.0, offering ongoing value in how organizations manage identities and access for enhanced user productivity and compliance.

This release provides a variety of new and enhanced features that focus on streamlining administrative controls, aligning to governance principles and enhancing the end user self-service experience.

Here is an overview of the key features you will find:

Service Rollback – UserVoice Feature

Extending the versioning capabilities introduced in RES ONE Identity Director 10.0, this latest release now offers the ability to roll back to earlier versions of services, entitlements and workflows to ensure ongoing alignment with business processes. This feature includes visibility into what changes have been made, along with real-time simulation so IT has the power to confidentially roll back to a previous version, if required.

This capability will enable IT to respond quickly if an error is discovered and revert back to a known good or verified version. This eliminates the need for tracking versions outside of RES ONE Identity Director through building blocks, making overall administration easier and improving SLAs.

Simulation – UserVoice Feature

This new administrative capability allows admins to quickly visualize what impact potential changes on triggers and qualifications will have on existing and new users before going live with an update or changing a service or entitlement. For example, you can see which users will lose access to the service or gain access depending on how you change the parameters of a qualification or policy. This capability will reduce disruption to the business and ensure proper testing and impact analysis is performed.

Service Attribute Linking

In order to help streamline deployments with RES ONE Identity Director 10.1, administrators can now set the initial value of service attributes for a table, list or checklist from global or person attributes. This enhancement creates a better user experience for the end user by offering pre-existing data quickly in an easy-to-consume fashion.  This also allows administrators to centralize and store data in one place while using it for multiple purposes.

People Transactions

Going with the theme of improving usability, we now enable administrators to abort, retire or delete transactions from the Transaction screen under Diagnostics on People and Service. Previously, you could only view transactions but not take action from those screens. This allows for easier, more focused management on People and Services.

Extended Data Masking

In the last release of RES ONE Identity Director, we added the ability to mask data within the management portal to prevent unauthorized access. Now with 10.1, organizations will be able to better govern and audit who has rights to view the masked data and when that data is accessed. With enhanced data masking, administrators will need to explicitly ask to view masked data, and each time data is accessed, it is logged. Not only can this audit trail be used to better meet compliance regulations like GDPR but also hides data unless explicitly asked for decreasing visibility of sensitive information.

Workflow Approval Enhancements – UserVoice Feature

RES ONE Identity Director 10.1 enhances workflow approval steps by adding the ability to include a note about why a request has been declined or approved. Within the Approve Transaction window, notes can be either disabled or made optional or mandatory with each request. Not only does this new capability streamline the overall workflow process, it provides more visibility to the employee about their request and enhances the governance on knowing why access was granted or denied.

User Announcements

RES ONE Identity Director 10.0 introduced a new look and feel for our self-service capabilities. Feedback has been very positive around the overall look and improvements in usability. Today we bring you the first of many more enhancements with the addition of user announcements.  User announcements enables you to highlight and personalize communication to your employees by pushing out personalized notifications and updates on the end user portal of RES ONE Identity Director. Workflow can be used to customize the message, audience and duration of the announcement. This new capability will enable notifications of important events like system outages, deadlines or new applications.

A big thank you to the RES Development Team for this new release of RES ONE Identity Director. I invite you to check out the RES ONE Identity Director 10.1 release notes for the complete list of new features and fixes.

We continue to add rich features to the RES ONE Identity Director based on customer and partner feedback. Be sure that you are sharing your thoughts and new ideas on UserVoice so we can continue to add features that improve our solution. If you have any feedback or questions about this release or a previous release, please contact us through the RES Success Center.